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Raw South London ‘Rapper Kwazi Cort’ makes a statement with “Please Don’t Boast” ft. ‘LD (67)

‘Kwazi Cort’ and ‘LD (67)’ are two well-known MC’s in the London Hip Hop scene and they join forces expertly on this powerfully delivered party track. 

These two MCs are on a mission in 2020 and aren’t letting anything and anyone get in the way. Tired of fake artists showing off with their toys, they are quite clear with their intentions on this track. Humble enough to still ride the bus & tube, it’s about the music & respect from real fans that really matters.

2020 has been a quiet year for ‘Kwazi Cort’ and you get the feeling that he has been working hard on this song, perfecting his craft and getting his mindset right. With quality like this, it won’t be long before Kwazi is at the top of the UK scene, with ‘LD (67)’ right there next to him.

‘’Please Don’t Boast’’ is the follow up to 2019’s underrated ‘’British Device’’, a track that showed his growing lyrical maturity. Let’s hope that 2020 is full with more top music with passion from this talented London MC.

Stream this new banging track here on SoundCloud

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Kily Cali – So Retro: Nostalgically Overwhelming UK Grime

Ahead of the much-anticipated ‘Ostinato Rigore’ EP release by Kily Cali I had the pleasure of checking out the sensational British Hip Hop artists back catalogue of sound. It’s safe to say I have joined his fanbase in the eager wait for fresh tracks to drop. Kily Cali’s latest track So Retro won me over after hearing the first bar. His gritty style entrenched in realism threw me right back to the 90’s. The progression of Kily Cali’s tracks is almost overwhelming, you never know which way the track will twist and turn yet. He switches his Rap flow up from vehemently rolling verses to Soulful sensibility. There aren’t many people that can get away with the lyrics ‘this is London darlin’’ but Cali is one of them. His lyricism is enough to blow most British MC’s out of the water.

You can check out Kily Cali’s iconic sound out for yourselves ahead of the EP release on SoundCloud, connect with Kily on Facebook to stay up to date with future releases. Someone better tell Stormzy he’s got fresh competition.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ceemax ft. Ray Elle – When I’m Gone: The True Grit of British Grime

Lyrically and vocally there’s no disputing that Ceemax’s latest track featuring Ray Elle When I’m Gone is a masterpiece. Although I can’t help but be let down by the Lo-Fi sound of the track, rather than feeling compelled to crank up the volume the harsh ring about the beat took away the focus from the pensive angst in the vocal delivery which is delivered as pure poetry. The contrast between Ceemax’s relentless flow and Ray Elle’s soulfully gritty Urban style makes for an astounding landscape of sound, but it’s hard to resound under a melody that doesn’t take your breath away. Which pains me to say, because Ceemax has been the voice behind some of the finest UK Rap Hip Hop tracks. The Liverpool, UK based Grime Hip Hop has such momentum behind his sound, he’s even attracted the attention of BBC Music, this definitely won’t be the last you hear from him. You can check out the official music video on YouTube using the link below:

Follow Ceemax on Facebook to keep up to date with all his fresh new tracks:

Review by Amelia Vandergast