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Debut days: ‘Classic Weekender’ from Manchester rock band Sterling reminisces on those wild weekends

Manchester based indie-rock band Sterling get us in the mood via their debut track ‘Classic Weekender’ and this is a quality release from the new boys.

The explosive start is like a fuse that has been lit and is still sparking bright. Their fierce energy is so welcome in these dark times and this is an Indie Rock thump that knocks the door down to let everyone know that they mean business.

The Manchester boys made the wise move of using the legendary studio Vibe Recording Studios in Cheetham Hill. You can feel that this is going to be a band that will make noise in the UK music scene as they are building their name up to make maximum impact.

With their first EP ‘Billy Boy’ being carefully crafted as we speak and set for release in early 2021, this is the first taste that we have gotten and we want more. The lyrics are honest and reminisce for the fun days of the weekend when we could all go out and not blink twice. The story of going out and having a fun time without a worry in the world.

This has that 90’s Brit feel to it and the bass-lines are so rhythmical and get you in the mood to go down to your local and chat with your mates with a cold brew in hand. This is that Friday night vibe when the lights are on and the conversation is loud and where memories are made.

Sterling from Manchester, UK bring out a debut to remember on ‘Classic Weekender’ and this is the tune to play real loud during those nights that you wish could return to normal again.

Fire up your Friday nights on Spotify and see more of the band on their IG & FB.

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Meeting aliens on the way home: ‘Close Encounter On The Road To Solva’ from Spurious Transients is a psychedelic tale of a strange meeting

Something Strange Came Out Of The Skies by Spurious Transients

The humming beat makes the hairs on your back stand up to attention, your neck shivers as you feel rather anxious all of a sudden. The sounds of mystery morphs into your body, and your heart starts to beat so much faster. ‘Close Encounter On The Road To Solva‘ from the earth-defying South West Wales Electronic-Psychedelia band Spurious Transients, is a new song that isn’t from our planet.

The eerily expressive vocals tell the story so vividly, the poetic style sticks in your mind as you wonder if you have also seen strangeness like this before. The words bite hard like a hungry lion, you are soon transported into this strange world, that is usually only in Hollywood movies. The details are so precise, drawing you in like a good story-teller does.

You get lost in the dark woods, the rustle in the song is constant as the harrowing beat gets you into a paranoid mood. Your heart is a bit scared and you peer outside the window quietly, just to make sure you are safe right now. The Welsh accent you hear shows the fear of this moment, and the details are so fascinating to hear, as you listen along to see how the story unfolds.

This strange occurrence is quite freaky at times as your breaths are short, this story too real to do anything else, Spurious Transients bring their original sound that is like none other on ‘Close Encounter On The Road To Solva‘. This is a ride that will get your heart beating extra fast, and is so uniquely genius.

Hear this mysterious story on their Bandcamp.

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Manchester Rock-Art act Sylvette drop the stunningly unique ‘Kelpius (NoShadow Remix)’ with Tom Chapman

With an innovative sound that breathes new life into your cold cup of tea, this is a kaleidoscopic mesh of styles that is quite frankly..absolute genius.

Sylvette are a UK based, Manchester Art-Rock band of supremely creative energies, all smoothly synced into one like music should be made. They are so galaxy-searchingly incredible to listen to. With an indie core that has an added element of exciting electronic waves that are wrapped around this new single so perfectly. With New Order & Bad Lieutenant bassist Tom Chapman featured here on the remix, this is an excellent track with tasty treats to fill up our hungry music senses, with an absolute feast to satisfy us.

This is the type of song that takes you into a new world and you have deja-vu somehow. The UK act are a morph of many different influences and you can’t stop listening. This is what music will sound like in 20 years as this is a band that is so far ahead of their time. ‘Kelpius (NoShadow Remix)‘ with Tom Chapman is an awe-inspiring effort that deserves a place with the best songs of 2020.

Find out more about Sylvette on their Facebook and hear this track on Spotify.

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The mysterious 8udDha bl0od bless us with new electro track ‘(((?)))’

The magically brilliant Brighton band 8udDha bl0od are back with the beautiful ‘(((?)))‘.

There are no vocals on this one as we are transported into a translucent journey, full of lights and possibilities. You get locked into the song but it is never hard to imagine here, your eyes closed as you are put into a trance. This is such amazing music as I feel so much more free. There are droplets of electronic energy here as you look for the answer in your heart. What is life about really?

The UK act 8udDha bl0od are in fine form once again on their new single, the beautiful ‘(((?)))‘. This is a band that doesn’t make any bad songs. The musicianship is so classy yet so intriguing. You feel like you are perhaps floating into the sky, the clouds are no match as you float away, in your happy place. This is a sparkling effort from a band with so much potential. They need one of their songs to be a movie or series. Perhaps this will be when the world really appreciates this fine band from Brighton in the UK.

Head here for the Soundcloud link.

Click here for the Facebook page.

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Longcoats bring out awesome indie-rock UK party starter ‘Drag’

Drag‘ from Longcoats is the fantastic new single from the top notch UK band.

Formed in 2019 by Ollie Sharp, Arthur Foulstone, Kane Pollastrone & Norton Robey, Longcoats fuse that classic British Indie Rock sound of a generation with a sprinkle of American Pop Rock for their own jaunty energetic feel and catchy hooks that make every garden party feel like Reading Festival.

2020 brings their debut EP ‘October’ on Halloween and sadly also brings the departure of two band members.  However two new members are already In place brings Austen Rudall on Bass & Ollie Bull Lifely on Drums which is an exciting new move for the band.

The sound is laid completely bare, naked in its realness and grit from the vocals that brew like a newly made cuppa tea. The band have a way of keeping your attention with their groovy riffs and dance-along style. They want you to get sweaty while listening, letting your body move in ways 2020 has taken away from our souls.

Longcoats have released two songs now and you can hear the evolution already from 2019’s ‘Used To Being Used‘. I feel like ‘Drag‘ is their best effort yet with much more to come.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

London’s Catalina Skies returns with summer vibes on ‘Hey’

UK band Catalina Skies brings us a summer-packed song that brings your party to the beach with ‘Hey‘.

London-based Catalina Skies play an edgy style of indie pop that makes them impossible not to dance to. Their catchy choruses make them impossible to forget. I love everything about this summer track that strums the earlobes just right. The long solos make you reminisce and then the UK band lets it all loose with a brand of music that makes me feel happy.

It’s a sound that’s jam packed with stick-in-your-head guitar riffs, rolling drum solos and touches of synthesizer keys. Fusing this with strong, gritty vocals, enticing harmonies and unique lyrics, Catalina Skies mix their musical storytelling with fun beats and high-energy melodies. This is a band that like to keep things in such a cool rhythm that makes them standout.

Everything started when Craig met Chris at their work drinks and immediately launched into debating the greatest lyrics ever written, to which one of them outrageously claimed ‘Ice Cream’ by Australian band, Muscles. In spite of this drunken dispute, they uncovered a joint love for music’s incredible narrative power and decided to setup a jam. Joined by Sean along the way, the rest is history.

This is the perfect summer song with a bouncy happy vibe that is so welcome in 2020. I feel like going to the beach and watching bands with this awesome energy and message. London’s Catalina Skies’ ‘Hey’ is a wonderful addition to our tired souls.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Here is the Facebook page for more info.

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UK band Wisecrack return with fiery rock thunderbolt ‘The Grief Dance’

English Rockers Wisecrack are back with their new song and it’s what we have been waiting for called ‘The Grief Dance‘.

The project formerly based in Lincoln in the UK, has been playing since 2012 and has released two full length albums, Pining For The Road (2012) and Whiskey, No Mixer (2014). Briefly putting the project on pause after their second full-length, Matt Wise turned his hands to drumming in arguably two of the UK’s best punk bands– Crazy Arm, and The Human Project. Now with the attention fully back, this is the time for Wisecrack to show their stuff.

The Grief Dance‘ is an acoustic journey that starts off with some fine guitar riffs that soon introduce us to the intricate lyrics. From there, burning rubber illuminates from the speakers as the band fully express themselves. The UK band are on full volume for this one as they tear through the stage on this fine track. I love the solos and the skill level is clearly high from this very experienced band. Now based in South West London, Wisecrack provide us with a look to 2021 when fiery live gigs can happen again.

Stream this new track on Spotify.

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The Rumble Skulls return with lyric video for ‘Understand’

UK band The Rumble Skulls rock in with their brand new star gazed indie pop song called ‘Understand‘.

The 3 piece English band are in introspective mood here and this is a visual lyric music video that will satisfy all music tastes. This is about finding solace and getting that wonderland in your heart. The journey can be long especially if you are with the wrong person.

Singer-songwriter Michael Featherstone is the heart of the group and his creative lyrics take you on a real life story of finding yourself. The vocals are soothing and the musical accompaniment dazzles the ears with its spacey energy that takes your mind to the stars.

The Rumble Skulls from the UK do well here on ‘Understand‘ and are in flourishing form on their latest single. They are a tight-knit team who clearly love preforming together. This is a fantastic visual video that is a pleasure to watch and the sounds take you into a real place.

Stream here on YouTube for this introspective track.

Check out the Facebook page for more info.

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Marquis Drive roll in with honest classic ”Truth Don’t Shock”

Marquis Drive are a 7-piece UK band from Cannock in the West Midlands region of England. They smash through the speakers with their new terrific track called ”Truth Don’t Shock”. This is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Founded in 1991 under a wandering star somewhere next to a Weatherspoons pub, this quality indie band were born from a mutual love of football, clobber, and of course great music.

You can hear that Marquis Drive are a tight band who are one of the best around. This new music video is highly impressive as well as being such an honest release about the state of affairs in the UK.

Truth Don’t Shock” is a fine Brit-Pop classic from the Marquis Drive boys as they send us a real message to confirm their place at the very top of the UK music scene. The riffs are fantastic and the vocals powerful- just what we needed in this tumultuous year. There is a 90’s feel to this top track that barrels into our hearts.

Head to Facebook to find out more about the top band.

Stream this new track right here on YouTube.

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Stafford Galli sends peaceful message with ”We Are Your People” country style

We Are Your People” was written as a rally cry in the spirit of community. The song resonates more than ever in these strange a surreal times, when supporting each other is so important but some need it more than others. So let’s join together as one race, one love because ”We Are The People.” This is the message from this vibrant country band from the UK.

Stafford Galli are a Folk Rock band from Doncaster, South Yorkshire in England. This outfit are for sellout shows and rocking entertainment spanning a career of over 25 years. This is a band that has seen the whole road and when they play, the crowd come and they are a fantastically supported act.

We Are The People” is the culmination of their career and this is a humble message of peace that needs to be celebrated.

Stream this new track here on Soundcloud.

Check out the whole story via Facebook.

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