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705 – Put It on Me: A Clash of Cultures

705 is the latest musical venture of a delectably talented underground London based World music artist. It’s almost impossible to deconstruct this track with it’s eclectic base of influences.

The sound behind Put It on Me is packed with pounding momentum as it transgresses through it’s range of styles, encapsulating you in it’s feverish beat which is loosely defined by the Hip Hop, Reggae & R&B genre, influenced by artists such as Tupac, 50 Cent and Michael Jackson amongst 70’s reggae artists to create a playful euphoric sound.

The enigmatic artist has kept on the London underground with his music where he shares his upbeat energy with the crowd curtesy of his afrobeat’s styling which defines his lyrical flow that complements a perfectly rounded beat that rings with synergetic momentum.

Check out the EP 7Heaven via Spotify now:…JY5D?si=8H1UcQu0

Or head on over to 705’s official website for more information on tours and upcoming releases:


Dream-Rap? Is That Even A Thing?

Even with the amount of new music being made every day, with sheer weight of collective imaginations, the genre splicing experiments, the fusing and fusion of styles Garrison Carver seems to be on to something new here. Yes, there is a trippy trap beat, a cool R&B vibe and a rap delivery but that is then cocooned in something totally unexpected. Around these more expected elements he wraps a dream-pop haze, chilled psychedelia and electronic washes.

It’s confusing, but experience tells us that is a good thing, expectations are made to be subverted, rules are made to be broken and new musical horizons are their to be explored and DD does all of those things and more. Blissed out hip-hop? Ethereal R&B? Dream-rap? Are those even a thing? The fact that you have to invent whole new genres to put the music in is an indication of just how original this music is and how singular and lateral Garrison Carver’s thinking is.


KEEM’s “Work” – A Lush Rap Tune With A Dance-Friendly Flavour!

Keem recently set out to release a brand new single titled “Work”. The song is a great example of the artist’s vision and strong affinity for powerful melodies, infectious rhythms and edgy lyrics.

Keem really stands out for the ability to seamlessly arrange a track, balancing every element in the track tastefully. The song’s production is also worth a special mention: the sound is crips, direct and energetic, going for a refreshing state-of-the art tone that can easily rival world class hits.

The song has a very broad dynamic range, moving from a lush and atmospheric intro, up to a rich and detailed chorus that really takes the song to some stunning emotional heights.

With “Work”, Keem managed to reinforce his sound and reaffirm his direction, while welcoming new and exciting influences in his formula.

As a result, “Work” really feels like an appealing and spontaneous track that reminds me of the work of artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Lil’B or Tupac, just to mention but a few. The matching music video also offers a stunning backdrop to this wonderful track.

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