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Skylar Bennett releases Pop single Lately

Skylar Bennett has dropped his single ‘Lately’ this Pop track has this happy and uplifting feeling about it, with its super energetic vocals and infectious melodies.

Starting off with this soft instrumentation that collides in the background, always making sure that it’s upbeat and lively throughout as the beat does tend to get louder and a bit more crazy.

This song is powerful and as you listen, you instantly feel good and it’s one that boosts your mood within a few seconds because it has this high energy and fun way about it and that’s why it’s such an amazing piece of music.

Skylar has some incredible vocal ranges, keeping that same soft texture as the overall sound has and having the rather modulated melodic vocal that really makes this song stand out. The way in which the instrumental flows in an out of the unique vocals is perfect.

Listen to Skylar Bennett’s Lately by heading over here.

Review by Karley Myall

A&R Factory Present: COASTL WOLF

Inspired by an eclectic grouping of genres Justin’s sound can only be described as a sound of its own. With hints of r&b melody backed by modern production, tasteful grungy lead guitar and raw vocals. His songs are special and vulnerable and they keep you wanting more.

Currently an independent artist Justin just finished cutting his debut EP KOKO. This EP tells stories of lust, love, adultery, drugs, struggle and the pursuit of chasing a dream. He plans to release KOKO June 3rd. Justin’s vision of COASTLWOLF is more than just someone who makes music.

He wants to connect the masses and unite this generation through powerful relatable messages. “I don’t want my concerts to be just a guy on a stage singing I want my concerts to be a place for people that need an outlet to let go of life and scream along with each other”