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Josh Kab serves up striking soul in his Alt RnB Hip Hop single “If I Cry”

Soul may be the cornerstone of RnB, but there’s a strikingly potent serving of it in up and coming artist Josh Kab’s alternative album “Sad Boy Hours”.

In the Standout track “If I Cry”, Josh Kab has merged 90s RnB, New Wave Trap, and Old School Hip Hop to create a mix which offers unpredictable progressions. One thing which remains as a constant is the level of emotion projected into the mix.

Between the moody rap verses and striking RnB crooning, there’s a smorgasbord of sentiment which isn’t all too shy about resonating. Josh Kab went beyond the usual Sad Hip Hop style with If I Cry by creating an organic track which perceptibly came straight from the soul.

You can check out Josh Kab’s single If I Cry along with the rest of their album via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Yung Furst is set to drop their most hard-hitting feat of Hip Hop to date with “In a Minute”

Up and coming Hip Hop artist Yung Furst is set to release their hardest hitting feat of Hip Hop to date. “In a Minute” moves away from the usual Sad Hip Hop archetypes and into the realms of ingenuity.

There’s a myriad of textures and tones to be found in the track giving the soundscape a fully-rounded humanistic feel. The light fragments of airy ethereal reverb-soaked optimism rise up from the stabbing minor notes.

The pensive prelude attempts to prepare you for an emotive feat of Hip Hop. Yet, nothing can quite prepare you for the emotive weight which may leave more sensitive souls suitably bruised.

You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can check out In a Minute for yourselves. But in the meantime, you can check out some of Yung Furst’s earlier releases via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Isaiah Brown Has Released Their Fourth Genre-Defying Single “Perfume”

If Gnarls Barkley ventured into EDM Hip Hop, the end result probably wouldn’t sound all too dissimilar to up and coming Alt Pop artist Isaiah Brown’s fourth single “Perfume”.

Soul and experimentalism sit hand in hand in this quaintly enamouring yet boldly innovative single which follows a downtempo yet tantalising pace.

Instead of trying to slap a genre label on Perfume and pick out the influences and styles, simply sit back and drink in Isaiah Brown’s smooth rhythmic creative originality.

Perfume may only be just over two minutes long. Yet the electronically-orchestrated hit contains plenty of evolutions and snaring instrumental hooks which you’ll be able to appreciate if you can tear yourselves away from the emotion in the lyrical delivery.

You can check out Isaiah Brown’s latest single Perfume for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Cat Clark – Ghost: Authentically Atmospheric EDM Hip Hop

Since Cat Clark made her debut in 2017, she’s amassed an ardent following and plenty of hype around her sound. When you delve into her uniquely striking brand of Hip Hop, it’s easy to see why.

Cat Clark has recently released her ninth single “Ghost” which serves as the perfect introduction to her atmospherically moody take on Hip Hop which also borrows elements of Pop and Ambient Electronica. With a steady and effortlessly smooth Rap delivery combined with lyrics which unravel like spoken word poetry over intricately layered downtempo EDM Hip Hop beats, it’s hard not to get excited by Cat Clark’s potential.

In the overwhelming majority of HipHop tracks we hear, we hear replication and assimilation of former sounds. Yet, when it came to Cat Clark’s single Ghost, her evident lack of concern when it comes to genre constraints left us instantly enamoured.

You can check out Cat Clark’s latest single Ghost for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Kotal and Koffi – Icey/Ideas: A Double-Drop of Urban Alt Electronica

Kotal & Koffi double-dropped their two latest Alt Electronica singles Icey and Ideas in one pioneeringly stylistic music video on February 29th. It’s so fresh, you can almost feel a drop in the temperature when you hit play.

The tracks may be hazy and mellow, yet, there’s still an artful Machiavellian air to Icey/Ideas which allows the tracks to transcend the usual vibe-out releases. If David Lynch started producing Trap music, I could imagine the end result wouldn’t be all too far from what Kotal & Koffi offer through their inventive tracks.

You can check out the official music video for Kotal & Koffi’s latest singles via YouTube.

They’ll be dropping 2 new tracks every 2 months, so they’re well worth putting on your radar. Especially if every mix is as transfixing as Icey and Ideas.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Lyrical LeXX – Through Some Things: Soul-Driven Indie Hip Hop

If you haven’t already caught the hype surrounding the Seattle-based Hip Hop artist Lyrical LeXX, their 2020 single “Through Some Things” serves as the perfect introduction to their pioneeringly crafted sound.

The Indie Hip Hop track follows a smooth flow while Lyrical LeXX projects pure unadulterated soul, conviction and passion into the mix through their unfaltering Rap delivery. The lyrics may be grounding but the gentle instrumental harmonies offer transcendent catharsis. Drinking in both simultaneously will allow you to see just how Lyrical LeXX has gained so much attention in recent years.

With lyrics which border on poetry and beats which also serve up a fair amount of soul, this artist is definitely one to watch.

You can check out the latest single from Lyrical LeXX for yourselves via Apple Music or SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


SSG Joker – No Love: A Resonantly Nihilistic Trap Playlist Essential

Up and coming Hip Hop artist SSG Joker’s latest drop “No Love” is a fiery fresh offering of romantically nihilistic resonance which will hook you in from the first verse.

The refreshing honesty in the lyrics combined with the direct unapologetic nature of the delivery makes it all too easy to lock into the vibe of this humble mix. It is a minefield of snaring vocal hooks which will drag you from the melodicism in the warm and intricate beats.

Whether you’re an Old School Hip Hop fan or prefer to delve into the works of contemporary Trap artists, you’re sure to appreciate the US-based artist’s merging of the two styles in No Love.

You can check out SSG Joker’s track No Love for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Independent Artist T22 releases “Svddnly I Just Can’t Breathe”: Southern Comfort a loop!

T22 excels in this particular style of hip-hop and his southern drawl lends no end of charm to an already classy production. To call this track only hip-hop seems slightly disingenuous as he has used a number of creative sounds within the mix of the song including a classic rock distort on the electric guitar as a riff, and it is hypnotic. His lyric, and the performance of it is gut-wrenchingly real and honest, reminding me of musical influencers like Lil Nas X, blurring the lines of popular genres with ingenuity and boldness. Using youth and vitality to break down walls and bring audiences together through relatable, familiar topics.

Tracks like this blow our minds but they shouldn’t. Music, like language is ever evolving, ever changing, ever morphing just as our societies do. Trailblazers like T22 are leading the charge, is on the cutting edge of what is hot right now, and is worth keeping a close eye on.

Tell us what you think about “Svddnly I Just Can’t Breathe” which is available to listen to now via DISTROKID. Enjoy!

Review by Susan Harriott


Profyt – Mayor Of New York – Keeping it real in the face of political disappointment

Hip hop is an art form, whether dark or light in nature, that consists of music made from internal dialogues, wrapped around minimal beats, delivered by prophets bent on raising awareness for causes they want us to wake up to.

The genre typically consists of lyricists telling intricate tales, through the use of street poetry, expelled with barely a breath taken between each line. They tend to throw, with passion you’d expect from educated scholars, judgment on conduct we swallow as excepted behaviour.

Profyt’s dissatisfaction with how his city has changed, been tainted by bureaucracy, is clear throughout Mayor of New York. He makes it obvious that deception, lies told by state officials, have made him start loathing a city he’s relied on for inspiration.

There’s an obvious need for escape, a desire to leave one frame of mind for another, coming from an artist whose displeasure at being deceived has left him struggling with insomnia.

This track is an important piece of writing because it makes you empathise, on a human level, with someone who has been adversely effected by having their faith shaken by individuals trusted to distribute law and order.

Reality and connection to self are clearly what make this artist feel alive. Thus, one can only hope he finds a way to live with how things are while continuing to share his observations.

Review By Lisa Knight


DANNI VENDETTA – Nobody Around: Indulgently Nihilistic Trap

Earlier this month breaking Trap artist DANNI VENDETTA dropped a 30-second teaser of their upcoming single “Nobody Around”. Naturally, we’ve joined in on the hype around the hotly anticipated release which is due to drop soon.

The indulgently nihilistic tones in Nobody Around affirm that there are very few artists putting out such darkly experimental Trap on the airwaves. This definitely isn’t your average offering of dark or sad Trap. With the inventive use of the vocal reverb, DANNI VENDETTA ensured that his unfuckwithable lyrics were as ominous as possible and the beats were equally as abrasive.

You can check out the teaser from DANNI VENDETTA’s upcoming single Nobody Around for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

You can also get an impression of what’s to come checking out their previously released mixes. His latest single YUdodat didn’t get over 40k streams in under a month on SoundCloud alone for no reason.

Review by Amelia Vandergast