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Tora Woloshin sends an art-pop invitation to grieve collectively through her latest single ‘America’

Singer-songwriter, dancer, model and actress, Tora Woloshin, often utilises her own experiences with trauma to help others overcome theirs. Her sobering art-pop single, ‘America’, is an invitation to collectively grieve social sickness while gaining a sense of optimism inspired by the resiliently passionate vocals which remind you that apathy and nihilism are a choice.

Hitting play may lead to a one-way conversation; but, it is a connection all the same, in a time where connectivity is scarce and isolation is rife, Tora Woloshin’s single shouldn’t be dismissed as anything other than aural gold.

Any fans of the X Factor USA may already recognise Tora Woloshin’s distinctively evocative vocal timbre. Since starring on the show and being mentored by Simon Cowell, she’s toured globally, collaborated with the likes of Timbaland and opened for Pink, Method Man, Flo Rida and Ne-Yo. Yet, somehow, something tells us the best is still to come for Tora Woloshin.

America is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast