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Silly Boi Chris Baxley lets us all get close to his ‘Hunny Pot’

Hailing from the USA’s East Coast, Chris Baxley is all about quirky, old-school sixties-inspired melodies and catchy, hooky choruses. ‘Hunny Pot’ is a fun, irreverent love song, full of tongue-in-cheek humour and playfulness. Opening with joyously strummed guitar chords behind Baxley’s off the wall vocals before a bouncy bass and full-electric arrangement kicks in, ‘Hunny Pot’ worms its way into your head by way of its trebly picked guitar line and distorted lead part.

There’s hints of early Orange Juice in that – or think, perhaps, Edwin Collins’ solo ‘Girl Like You’ – mixed with maybe They Might Be Giants in its cheeky, impudent lyrics and delivery, before – at 2’24” it’s over all too quickly, leaving you humming its hook for hours to come.

Hear ‘Hunny Pot’ here; follow Chris Baxley on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

“I Don’t Know What Sex Is” by comedy music act Sam & Bill

I guess the best thing you about Sam and Bill’s latest track is that it isn’t until the second verse blows wide open in all it’s weird glory that you are sure if it is a parody or not. Okay, from the start it feels a bit uncomfortable, a bit indecorous, some might say rude, but given the current pop market you really can’t tell. I mean, if the Kardashians can be reality TV icons, this could be a serious effort. In fact, even knowing that it is satire, it still out-performs much of the designed-by-committee, production line pop that floats to the surface of the charts these days.

And then it turns into a hardcore punk version of They Might be Giants…and a prog-rock musing about Wolverines…. I don’t really know what to say about that. Sam and Bill continue the traditions of The Bonzo Dog Band, Monty Python and Flight of The Conchords and have been variously described by others as  “The Sexier Simon and Garfunkel” and “Bad Motherfolkers,” make of that what you will.