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THE VISION blurred sonic boundaries beyond definition in his latest rocksteady with vibes production, WANNA KNOW

Sonic boundaries blurred beyond definition in the latest single, WANNA KNOW, from the London-based fusionist artist, engineer, and producer, THE VISION. Instead of pandering to arbitrary stylistic parameters, the alternative artist let rhythm and soul take the wheel and drive with the top down while painting a contemporary love story with more twists than a Shakespearean tragedy.

With so many lyrical layers to unpeel in WANNA KNOW, the trap pop hit spills a narrative that keeps giving with every listen; lock into the lyricism or lose yourself in the steamy synthetics of the hit, that provides the ultimate soundtrack to hazy summer nights with the Afrobeat rhythms, pop hooks, trap beats and deeply reverberant RnB vocal melodies.

WANNA KNOW hit the airwaves on the 14th of July; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

A modern and commercial pop hit: The Vision’s ‘Right Now’

Up and coming 3-piece Essex band The Vision drop their new song Right Now, a modern and commercial pop hit that wins its place among major artists’ latest singles.

The upbeat tempo adorned by claps and dense synths widens the harmony without overfilling the structure, and produces some good dance vibes you can’t help but enjoy within the very first minute.

Beautiful pop vocals sing about diversity and acceptance, concepts we’re all sensitive to, while the seriousness of the theme provides a great contrast with the easiness of the music – all for a contagiously fresh outcome.

The Vision’s commercial style handprint must not be taken for granted, so give them some credit by listening to Right Now on Youtube.

Review by Jim Esposito.