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That Extra Hunger: The Mantra Discord dive in with catchy debut single ‘Impressions’

As they pierce your frail speakers with a performance that will leave you awe-struck with emotions, The Mantra Discord craftily flow into our thoughtful minds with their first single called ‘Impressions‘.

The Mantra Discord is a super hungry instrumental/math-rock/experimental duo from the busy streets of Southern California.

With a supremely intricate start to proceedings, this is stacked full of wonderful guitar-driven solos that revs up your engine – this unique piece has you captivated by its every turn – as you feel like you are in a melancholic state of mind, full of darkness in your room, as you find the light again.

What separates us from other math-rock bands is that we have included strings to give our music a fuller sound and different elements just looking to explore more melancholic melodies and darker atmospheres. We take influences from modern instrumental rock bands such as Chon, Polyphia, plini, Elephant Gym, and Covet, while also listening to other bands like the Fall of Troy and Oceans Ate Alaska to give a more darker and a little heavier fill to our music.” – The Mantra Discord

Impressions‘ from the highly creative Southern California instrumental math-rock duo The Mantra Discord, is a debut track that will have you feeling you have just listened to something so different from the rest. The high skill level of this motivated duo is a blessing to the ears, as they bring us a dazzling display of musicianship to remember.

Stream this brand new vision on Spotify and see more news via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen