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The Legend of Zilla

The Vibe Is A Given: Exhilarating Houston rapper Zilla.Zill elevates our mixed mental mindset with ‘Know What You Worth’

Taken off his brand new sixteen track album called ‘The Legend of Zilla‘, Zilla.Zill drops an inspiring quickly rapped message of striving for that value you know you possess, as good vibes will then manifest organically on ‘Know What You Worth‘.

Zilla.Zill is an indie hip-hop artist who is based in Houston, Texas. He feels like a comic book hero who is actually real, his mindset takes us on a thrilling road to that promised land.

Small town islander with some quotes on his mind.” ~ Zilla.Zill

He flows with such an enthusiastic abandon, the humor is legendary and the mood lightly salted, the honest message about the world is impressive as he leads us into a better place beyond the stale norm. The beat is funky and fresh like a new fade, the smile beams brightly and has you feeling like the world can be a compelling ride if you let it be.

The City of New Metro is in chaos and only one hero can change it’s fate.” ~ Zilla.Zill

Know What You Worth‘ from the skilled Houston, Texas-based hip-hop artist Zilla.Zill, is a superb effort from the underground poet who soothes our strange moods and somehow massages the right part of our brains. Its all about the mental mindset and keeping that optimism on upper overdrive, as the moody grumps will always try and take your shine away no matter what. This is the type of track that is needed more in this confused world, as he lathers hope all over our hungry-for-real souls.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen