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Helping people survive and playing music to heal: Boston’s The Fever Breakers show inspiring compassion on ‘The Human In Me’

Hospital employees want to do more to help out and decide to form a band with exceptional results. This is a rare moment that inspires so many though this wild pandemic and Boston’s The Fever Breakers are top quality on new single ‘The Human In Me‘.

”We are a Band made up of racially and socio-politically diverse hospital employees and craft our socially themed songs in the basement of a Boston based hospital using a piano used for cancer patient music therapy.”- The Fever Breakers

When you can think outside the box like this, good times are on the horizon for their listeners. This is a Trans-Atlantic collaboration with the legendary Stu Epps and the classy effort is a pleasure to hear and I feel so relaxed here, the stunning sounds cools down the heated soul that has seen way to many flames for one lifetime.

The splendid piano drifts through the open window that is for fresh air but is now for fantastic tunes to heal. The vocals shine through and adds a sunset kind of vibe here. This is a story to help us smile and move our bodies again, putting extra energy into the blood flow without needing CPR.

We all want to live again and be free from this horrific pandemic that has changed and bent the world upside down. Through music we can heal and Boston’s The Fever Breakers put their work duties and passion to play music together to unite us all together and make the world a better place on ‘The Human In Me‘.

View the video here and see how they balance life on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen