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The Disappointment Choir Give Us All “A Quid’s Worth Of Free Advice”

The Disappointment Choir is a duo with some very original and intriguing ideas, mixing pop with indie and a hint of an 80s feel, making their music very difficult to categorise or label, which is exactly what makes their sound so authentic and distinguishable from the rest. They have something new to offer and they can definitely think outside the box. With their combination of synth and electric piano sounds with guitar and a steady groove, The Disappointment Choir explore and deliver a sound which is not only unique but which also effectively portrays their synergy as a duo with one artistic vision.

Taking the spotlight above the electronic pop texture are some strikingly singable melodies which all lead to the catchiest of choruses, clearly delivering the meaning behind the song title, “ A Quid’s Worth Of Free Advise.” This song is in fact taken from their second self-produced album “Vows” which has just been released and is showing everyone that Katy and Rob are on to something and working hard to lead music into a new and fresh direction which not only features a blend of past and present sounds but also some well crafted lyrics blended in with an authentically unique pop sound.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


The Disappointment Choir Release Official Video For ‘Heartstrings’

The wonderfully named The Disappointment Choir is one of those bands that show you exactly why pigeonholes don’t work. They are pop but much cleverer that the usual production line stuff meticulously design for a brief chart outing and they are also indie, but without the fashion rulebook adherence. They have an almost 80’s new-pop feel about them but are anything but pedlars of nostalgia, they are fun but far from frivolous and they write perfect pop songs using Day-Glo musical hues and utterly infectious choruses.

Sophisticated pop such as this seems to largely have been resigned to the musical bargain bin of history where old Bible and Liberty Horses records have been buried under a mountain of boy band dross and also ran indie but it looks like The Disappointment Choir are on a mission to put the ultimate musical juxtaposition of throw away pop and unforgettable tunes back on the menu. And that is anything but a disappointment.