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The Dazed Son

The Dazed Son gets pious in his 70s rock n roll ode, Hail Lord.

You may have seen many rock artists brand themselves as the prodigal sons of rock n roll well, prepare for The Dazed Son’s nostalgic ode to the 70s in his debut album, Crazy, featuring the piously sweet standout single, Hail Lord.

The solo artist brought his sonic vision of becoming a one-man digital rock n roll band to life through the grace of the lockdown in 2020. His crunching over-driven guitars, choral vocals, blazing solos and easier-than-breathing chord progressions allowed plenty of 70s rock fans to find refuge in his unique spin on a retro sound. If anyone has what it takes to dominate the digital realm of rock n roll , it is the Dazed Son.

The Dazed Son’s debut album is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast