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Nostalgic Vibes: Brazil act The Daily Spreadsheets drop ‘Call It A Day’

After taking us on a trip through the 90’s with the previous single from July 2021 called ‘I Walk Alone‘, The Daily Spreadsheets are back with more exciting adventures on the new track named ‘Call It A Day‘.

The Daily Spreadsheets is the musical alias of 40-something Brazilian indie solo rock singer-songwriter Henrique Neves.

With smoothly toned vocals with that real grit and a funky riff to get you off your cozy seat, this is a tasty release that takes you back to a time which was far more simpler than current days. He has a vibrant style, the energy is high and there is a air of nostalgia here with an honest singer-songwriter who it feels like is at the peak of his powers.

Call It A Day‘ from the Brazilian solo indie rock artist Henrique Neves aka The Daily Spreadsheets, is a feel-good-track made with a glittering edge, filled with that Brit-Rock style from yesteryear and mixed with a modern twist to satisfy our hungry palate. This is a new single to fully immerse into, as he sings with a flourishing style that has you thinking about the oceans of life. A perfect weekend song to play loud after a long week, this is a thoroughly riveting listen.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Daily Spreadsheets take us on a trip through the alt-90s with their indie alt-rock hit, ‘I Walk Alone’.

The Brazilian indie alt-rock outfit, The Daily Spreadsheets, created a time capsule back to the iconic era of indie with the release of their latest single, I Walk Alone.

The energetic earworm merges 90s Britpop with sonic US pop-punk to create a frenetically infectious hit that will enamour fans of Oasis and Weezer alike. The lo-fi garage rock production gives you all of the old school alt-rock authenticity. Yet, the unique revival hits the spot like no other as it spans across oceans to pull in international stylistic elements.

You can check out the indie alt-rock hit for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast