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Brandon Blvd’s single, The Outcome, ft Mai Ty, is a melodically mindful revelation.

Son of David: A Tale of Righteousness by Brandon Blvd

Taken from his LP, Son of David: A Tale of Righteousness, the Memphis-hailing breakthrough rap artist Brandon Blvd’s seminal hit, The Outcome, featuring Mai Ty, is a melodically mindful revelation.

All too often, rap artists glamourise aggression and emotion-driven reactions in a bid to instil conviction in their hits; Brandon Blvd rose above it all to flood his single with introspective gold and soul that won’t just make you think twice; it will shift your entire perception in a positive direction.

Working with Mai Ty’s ethereally pure vocal timbre, Blvd offered direction and sonic solace in equal measure in The Outcome, which stands as a testament to his talent that is intrinsically entwined with his determination to shine lights on better ways of living and better the world while he is making his mark on the Memphis hip-hop map.

Son of David: A Tale of Righteousness was released via Problematic Nation LLC in April 2023; purchase the album on Apple Music or Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Clint Cash speaks for the financially disenfranchised in his latest dark trap single, Ballin

Jackson, Tennessee-hailing hip hop artist Clint Cash has allowed music to take him from rock bottom to a place of passion and creativity. His fourth self-produced album, Cold Heart, captures much of his struggle, especially the standout single, Ballin.

The dark and atmospheric trappy beats in Ballin reflect the extreme lows that he has endured as well as the lyrics which viscerally run through relatable struggles, with a focus on the difficulty of relationships with money when you’re contending with a scarcity of it. It’s a sombre single, but the overarching energy is nothing short of vindicating for anyone that could never relate to hip hop tracks that are braggadocios about lavish excess.

Ballin is now available to stream on YouTube.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast