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One Night: Raw Dallas rapper Corta knows what he wants on ‘Ten Toes Down’ (feat. Zay)

Released from his exciting thirteen-track album studiously named ‘Freshman Year‘, Corta is all about the fun times with a girl who he knows won’t be around for too long with ‘Ten Toes Down(feat. Zay).

Alex aka Corta, is a vibrant Dallas, Texas-born indie rapper. He is a raw and underground artist who is young and full of exuberance, as he makes a promising debut into the music world and possesses some sharp flows.

His bars slam down hard as he opens up the sweaty curtains to see the story closer, as he tells her exactly how he feels and doesn’t hold back at all. He is just keen for a short time – as long-term – he sees himself with someone else who truly gets where he is actually headed in life.

Ten Toes Down(feat. Zay) from the motivated Dallas, Texas-born indie rapper Corta, is a vivid story about being with someone who you like being with physically, but can’t see yourself with for long as your mindsets are way different currently. This is that fun party track to play very late at night – when the drinks have been consumed heavily – and all you want is to be with someone who is up for some exotic adventures.

Hear this fine new track on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen