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Don’t Need No Money: Katerina is out of patience as she longs for the basics on ‘Tell Me’

On a finger-clicking ambiance that is bound to have you thinking of those perfect pool-soaked summer days in the blazing sun with your ideal lover right next to you, Katerina has grown rather tired of running around in circles as she now knows what is most important on ‘Tell Me‘.

Katerina Dimitri aka Katerina, is a rather stylish indie pop/dance singer-songwriter and elegant classically trained dancer, who has been soaring freely in the music world since she was just ten years old.

Educated at the highly renowned Sylvia Young Theatre School in London for seven years, this is a very motivated artist who always seems to excel at whatever she does. After being a lead singer on her school choir and then gaining an impressive MT degree from Collins Performing Arts, the road has only open wider for this prodigious talent to shine brightly.

With stunning vocals that seems like they are lifting you to another safer planet up above at times, they are rather angelic on this simply electrifying single about finding that real peace. There is no extra fuss here, only sumptuous ear-bending music vibrations and a body-grooving beat, that takes you to places your mind has surely missed recently.

Tell Me‘ from the prolific indie pop/dance artist Katerina, is that freedom-seeking track that lets you know that she is ready for the big plunge now. After being in way too many rip currents and trying to swim against the waves of where she thought was the right place to be, she is ready to be in the right place now. In the arms of someone who truly loves her and who will be her lifeguard forever, is the only thing that she truly desires. That true peace and embrace.

Life can be so simple when you finally see the bigger picture.

Hear this sweetly tipped single on Spotify and see more of her glittering career on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

If You Missing Me: Ash Adams wants her to say yes on the sensual ‘Tell Me’

Taken off his just-dropped ‘Me, But Different’ EP, Ash Adams is happily back with an absorbing new single all about finding out if she really has true feeling for him or not on ‘Tell Me‘.

Ash Adams is an rising indie-pop artist from Oxford in England. He has a rather compellingly unique style that is freshly stimulating and is totally enrapturing on our perked up ears, that are looking for spiritual guidance during these lost times.

As he started recording this wonderful piece of work from his cozy hotel room in sunny Australia in late 2019 – this exciting project has taken on a life of its own – as you feel this quality time has really morphed the riveting release into something special.

This is a catchy track with steamy hot production, that has smoothly tipped vocals that breeze glowingly into your mind so willingly. His voice is full of life and has you on the edge of your seat, as you wonder where this love story shall go.

Tell Me’ from the well-respected Oxford, UK-based indie-pop musician Ash Adams, is the story of hoping that they are keen to be in your life as you feel so much love for them. You have been hurt before and don’t want that heartbreak to knock down your good vibes again, that have been putting you in a good space lately. The ball is in her court now, as you get the tennis rackets ready to play, if she indeed feels the same way as you do.

Stream this new track via Spotify and see more of his adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feel So Free: Young Manchester-based RnB singer RAYRAY is ready to move on to greener pastures on 2nd single ‘Tell Me’

After the quick success of her debut single ‘8‘, RAYRAY returns with a breathtaking new single called ‘Tell Me‘.

The soulful RAYRAY is a fast-emerging Manchester, UK-based, Congolese-origin and Rome, Italy-born RnB/neo-soul singer-songwriter, who elegantly tells us true stories about love and performs from the heart, with every line sung from life experiences.

You feel her relief through the curious speakers, she was in love but is now happy that its all over as they can’t take your kindness any longer. She has survived the manipulative relationship and has grown stronger – perhaps a bit wearier than before – but still willing to love if its a kind person, not a selfish one.

Her voice is still young and raw, as she finds her true sound you can hear her quality rising to the top. Her crisply textured RnB vocals are such a lovely listen through the mellow beat, that compliments her vibrant voice just right.

Tell Me‘ from the effortless Manchester-based RAYRAY, is a terrific new single that has you lost in her voice, as you close your eyes and let her elegance guide you to a much better place than before you turned her on. Feeling free and expressing yourself properly, is the only way to truly be happy after all.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out her growing IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New Miami band Veta Ceti stomp in with debut track ‘Tell Me’

Young South Florida rock band Veta Ceti are here with the brand new debut track ‘Tell Me‘.

Founded in April of 2019 by its four members Felipe Lopez (guitar and vocals), Sebastian Lannes (lead guitar), Christopher Kingsbury (bass guitar) and Heney Leyva (drums) with influences ranging from Rock, Pop and some of the biggest alternative bands of recent times.

Veta Ceti offers a breath of fresh air to the established sound of Rock music with unique melodies, introspective lyrics and a huge sound like that of Foo Fighters, Paramore, Catfish and more. I love how they let it rip and spray out some waterfall dancing new music to get us excited.

Tell Me‘ from Veta Ceti is a rocking song that makes you jump around like you are at a party with your mates. The energy is tremendous here and this young band are a pleasure to listen to.  This is what 2020 needed.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Here is the Insta page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen