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Taylor Paul looks for inspiration to heal up on ’25’

Taylor Paul sings with such sadness and worry on his new single called ‘25‘.

New Mexico singer-songwriter Taylor Paul had a tough 2019 and this year has been even worse due to the pandemic. With a broken heart and a tired voice, he sings for inspiration here. This video is so simple and gets the message across without any games.

You feel like things can’t get worse, the last year and a bit has been horrible. You know you need to stay positive but are disconnected from the world and feel out of place. You need to inspiration to make it through as you know your fans rely on your music.

Taylor Paul might be sad right now but the music is straight to the soul. ‘25‘ is a great song from this talented singer who is bound to find his mojo again soon.

Head here for the YouTube page.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Taylor Paul releases Don’t Be Afraid: A truly fascinating piece of music

Artist Taylor Paul has recently released his new single ‘Don’t Be Afraid’, using a combination of Electro Pop and Indie Pop to create this rather fascinating piece.

When listening to the vocal ranges it’s so moving, Taylor has this talent to create some exceptional tones through his voice. Full of power and strength, adding in the right amount of grit and distortion, each note is sung so effortlessly, he sure knows how to sing in such a unique way.

Using electronic style melodies to give it a more synthesised tone. Adding in the slight tap of a tamborine, and the tapping of the piano keys. Whilst having a drum beat added into the background, such a wide variety of instruments and effects used to give it that Electro Pop sound very similar to Twenty One Pilots.

Taylor has an amazing vocal range and the talent to create a super catchy melody to go alongside his voice, this one is a hit. We can’t wait to see what he does next, definitely check this one out.

Check out Taylor Paul’s recent release Don’t’ Be Afraid by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall