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Taking L’s

Manchester-based Dámì Sule feels so lost currently as he worries about ‘Taking L’s’

As he examines the grim clouds above and wonders why things are so bleak right now while he cleans up his wounds, Dámì Sule delivers one of the more honest singles you are likely to hear today with the contemplative release about finding your destiny on ‘Taking L’s‘.

Emmanuel Damilare Sule aka Dámì Sule is a Nigerian-born singer and rapper who is based in Manchester, UK and shows us his good-guy-vibe mentality with music to stimulate your deepest emotions.

Taking L’s’ is a fitting title for this emotional and personal tribute to failing to meet one’s own expectations.” ~ Dámì Sule

Dámì Sule is a gifted underground storyteller who seems to have that rare aptitude of expression that lets you into exactly what he is seeing right now. In a carnage-loaded world far too full of gloom and unnecessary hate, he is taking his time to work out who exactly he is – so that he may flourish like a free bird – and banish all those ghastly demons that are hiding in his mind forever.

Taking L’s‘ from the Manchester, UK-based indie singer and rapper Dámì Sule is a soundtrack for those who need some comfort about their current projection in this harsh seemingly alternate universe. There are others battling too and we can feel a sense of unity as we all get lost sometimes when our GPS malfunctions before we have a chat with ourselves and get back on track again. Featuring softly spoken poetry-like gems to awaken the mind again, this is a thoughtful single that should see you gazing outside and wondering if you are in the right place.

After all, you never know where your road will lead if you don’t experience some bad times – so that the good times will feel even more treasured like shiny gold – and make you extra appreciative of what you actually have.

Hear this deep track about finding your way on Spotify and follow him on IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen