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Victoria Fragoso sends her sweet love from a distance on ‘Kiss at High Frequency’

Always by Victoria Fragoso

As she desires that her lover feels the attraction of her magnetic lips despite the distance that has them far apart right now, Victoria Fragoso sends us all a delightfully beautiful single to warmly embrace as we ‘Kiss at High Frequency‘.

Victoria Fragoso is a Tacoma, Washington-based indie singer-songwriter and pianist who creates that tenderly appealing music that is so carefully projected with true love.

Her musical influences include her Hispanic heritage, classical piano training, church choir harmonies, and musical theater background.” ~ Victoria Fragoso

Showing us inside her mind that only wants to send that urgent kiss to someone who makes her so happy, Victoria Fragoso sings with stunning beauty on this gorgeous new release that will have you lighting those candles and wishing you could slow dance all night.

My releases this year are inspired by the 60’s/70’s practice of releasing a two-sided single record. In this first release, “Always” is side A, and “Kiss at High Frequency” is side B.” ~ Victoria Fragoso

Kiss at High Frequency‘ from Tacoma, Washington-based indie singer-songwriter and pianist Victoria Fragoso, is one of the most romantic singles you will hear all year. With a luscious vocal ability that seems to heat up your emotions that has you dreaming about that lover who is too far away to hold right now, this is something special that the world needs more of to heal our fragile souls. This is something so sweet and caring that you will find it hard not to smile broadly, as you close your eyes and kiss that human who puts your mind in a happy spin.

Hear this lovely new single on Bandcamp and see more news via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen