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Katrame – Mind At Stake: Holy fire and sticky desire!

Straight out of the gate, Katrame prove that they are rule breakers with their latest release “Mind At Stake”. It’s dangerous from the get go, with an intricate drum syncopation, electronic murky baselines, and a slow, grinding top line melody that is impossible to ignore. The ebb and flow of the track feels like auditory fermentation. They deliberately give nothing away before the right time and you are transported, then seeped in a  strange otherworldliness of their own clever design.

Like enjoying a clear sunny day and all that it has to offer and then walking through a door, only to be confronted with contrasting dark, dirty pleasures, ‘Mind At Stake’ transports you imperceptibly from pure almost holy reverence to sacrilege and sinful, sticky desire.

Michalis Papoulakos (vocals, beats, sytnths), Nasso Frontistis (bass, vocals), and Nikos Probonas (Guitar, synth, vocals) form the dynamic musical trio from Athens that is KATRAME and they are definitely a band to watch out for. They are well versed in suspense and intrigue and are able to place these into a musical context that is sure to move you.

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Review by Susan Harriott.