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Sean Grinsell rocks psych and blues into his intense symphonic single, Rogue.

Sean Grinsell

Up and coming artist Sean Grinsell rocked psych and blues into his upcoming experimental single, Rogue. The doomy, scuzzy track carries the intense symphonic feel of FalKKonE along with licks of frenetic rock n roll that make the Black Keys sound as tame as Maroon 5.

The dramatic and edgy instrumental score is absorbing from start to finish; midway through the extended single, there’s a switch to chiptune style electronica before Grinsell shows his 50s rock n roll stripes once more. Any true fan of artful aural experimentalism will want to experience Rogue for themselves.

Rogue is the first song of five to be released from the EP, R is for Redemption, due for release on all major platforms from August 20th, 2021.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Billy Moffat has released his symphonic masterpiece, Through the Eyes of God, featuring Davie Brockett.

Scottish-born composer Billy Moffat brought plenty of his experience touring the globe with the show, One Night of Queen, to his latest release, Through the Eyes of God, featuring Davie Brockett on guitar.

Starting with dramatic neo-classic keys, there are no hints in the production to warn that the stunning crescendos will soon give way to over-driven scuzzed-up guitar solos that easily match the furore in an Apocalyptica track. Davie Brockett’s searing solos blazon the professional instrumental score with even more virtuosic stripes.

Though the Eyes of God is, quite literally, a jaw-droppingly symphonic masterpiece that will easily leave you ensnared by the sheer nuance and Moffat’s ability to compose a score that will put your rhythmic pulses under instant command.

The orchestral release is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia

Get Acquainted with Tricia Fitz’s theatrically elemental alt-rock earworm ‘Welcome to the System’

With a Nekrogoblikon-style symphonic playfulness to the dark alt-rock track through which Tricia Fitz’s dynamic vocals resound, Welcome to the System proves that elemental alt-rock singles can also be perennial earworms.

No matter how eclectic your playlists are, you’ll never have come across an alt-rock artist as veracious, theatrical and imaginative as Tricia Fitz. Now that Marilyn Manson is (rightfully) cancelled, it’s time we embrace visionary artists, such as the zeitgeist-breaking artist Tricia Fitz, who put ominous tones on the airwaves, but the true essence of their sound lies in the empowerment within.

The Brazilian-Canadian artist is set to make other dark alt-rock acts such as Jack off Jill, My Ruin, Angelspit and Lunachicks proud with her emboldening unique approach.

Welcome to the System is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast