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Rockin’ instrumentals with ‘Switcharoo’ (Official Music Video) from North Sydney’s The Dolphin Show

The Dolphin Show rock in with their latest awesome track on the energetic ‘Switcharoo‘.

The Dolphin Show was formed in Sydney, Australia by four 18 year old boys jamming in a damp garage. From there, the rest is history. This is one of the most exciting live bands in the country and their name is rising.

This is the latest single from The Dolphin Show, from their new EP ‘Thick Black Brain Blood‘. The latest EP is out 23rd of September and this is a band that really gives it all on stage with their ferocious energy.

The Dolphin Show is a spicy four-piece Zinger meal deal with a solo. These intense chicken wings absolutely sing when dipped into a purified mash & gravy. I love how the band describe themselves and this is exactly how they sound. With a vibe that is energetic throughout and also has a very authentic sound. This is exciting stuff. ‘Switcharoo‘ from The Dolphin Show¬†wins the day with this rockin’ track that certainly gets the taste-buds alive and dancing.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen