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Sweet Victories

Therum soars to the winners line with Sweet Victories (Sour Defeat)

Urging all to listen closer and featuring a divine sound made for those enormous festivals, Therum’s Sweet Victories (Sour Defeat) is a truly impressive single to be inspired by no matter the weather outside.

Therum is a Florida-based alternative psychedelic rock band that loves to drop sensational solos and songs featuring emotive lyrics which will draw the goodness back inside.

Showing us how Gainesville gets down, Therum is on top form here and lights up our fires that have burnt out to a crispy old pizza box due to the ragged fairytale which appears broken. Led by John Luke Melovich, we are treated to a warm embrace which is lovingly received.

Sweet Victories (Sour Defeat) from psychedelic rockers Therum is a stunner into the hearts of anyone who needed a wake-up call. Performed to levels of music splendour, we find a rather terrific single to turn up and let take over all past worries.

This is the kind of cinematic track we can all get excited about while closing our minds to the bad news on television.

Turn this up loud on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen