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That sweet feeling inside: Depollock wants to be ‘More Than Friends’ on upbeat electro-pop summer breeze debut release

Depollock is here with the debut single called ‘More Than Friends‘ and this will have you grooving along with a goofy smile on your face all day long.

Moon Rider Records musician, artist, and editor Depollock is here a mood changer that doesn’t need a ring. The melodies are sweet and summery which is just the perfect tonic to add into your music beverage.

His vocals lift so easily over the doom and gloom and the indie-pop daydream becomes reality in your mind as you work out what to say to your crush. His pure love is easy to hear in a song that is so magnificently made, the excellent production seems so effortless and vibrant which captures your imagination.

The optimistic energy fields come alive on this extremely satisfying listen for our tired bodies. Love should be tender like this, your genuine words that keep it real for them to entertain in their mind.

More Than Friends‘ from new artist Depollock is a fine song that is carefree, romantic and perfectly encapsulates what so many of us are feeling. If you are single right now, its been so hard to meet someone as the world is locked down. We find ourselves desiring a friend of ours to be our lover and this narrative is sung with tender care here.

If it doesn’t work out you might lose the friendship forever but it it does work out, you will be in love with someone you know well and care about so much. Life can be simple and sweet sometimes after all.

Cheer up your mood via the song on Soundcloud and see what comes next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

UK’s Lewis Edwards sings from the heart with inspiring ”Idols”

Underrated British singer Lewis Edwards has just released his new r&b love story with ”Idols”. This is a fantastic song that cheers us up and also is reflective on love.

Lewis is attempting to rise to the top no matter what stands in the way. He is inspired by his idols and also wants to reach their levels. He is even keen to knock some of them off their pedestals. This is a humble singer and he also missing that special one that is just like he is.

Idols” is a sweet song with dynamic vocals and a smooth background style that maximizes Lewis Edwards track. I like his clean cut attitude and meaningful lyrics. The British singer raises him game here and this is a very pleasurable listen. His r&b indie persona is radiant and well-received in this dark year of 2020.

Stream ”Idols” here on Spotify.

Click here to find out more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

DMK Music cheer us up with happy summer country song ”Get Your Flip Flops On”

DMK Music is an American country-pop band that sing cheerful music to make us smile. The band is a newly formed collaboration of independent singer-songwriters, band members and producers from many different genres and diverse backgrounds who are behind the music.

They are back with their new single called ”Get Your Flip Flops On”. This is a perfect summer song to get your day going and make you think of the beach. The band flip flop us to the ocean and remind us that life should be so happy. Not full of stress at all the time.

DMK Music bring us a summer song for the ages here and the country-pop is sweetly created to only push out positive vibes. The theme here is to grab that person you and love, get in the car and head towards the beach. If only life was so simple in 2020’s carnage of a year.

Head through to Soundcloud for the song.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

David Naylor and Bambie create sweet melodies with folksy ”Havana”

Havana by David Naylor

You lose your memory and everything is still. You see glimmers but it’s still not the same. Then slowly, your memory starts coming back and realization hits you. You are a fantastic singer-songwriter. This is the story of England’s David Naylor.

David Naylor is a soulfully real singer-songwriter who lost his memory after an unfortunate brain injury in 2017. He realized that he had been a musician and began to record the songs that came back to him after waking from a coma.

Some smart studio is going to make a movie of his life, I am almost certain. What a story. The fact that he came back to sing is so inspiring.

Havana” is a duet about two people who meet in the warm summer rain. A cute story that is very romantic and one that any single person would like to experience. I see you typing in ‘flights to Havana’ into Google.

Bambie’s influence can not be understated here. She sings so beautifully and complements with David’s fantastic voice perfectly.

This song is so creative and features David Naylor (vocals, conga, clave), Bambi (vocals), Gilly Spencer (piano), Will Franden (Double Bass), Allesandro Gugel (Acoustic Guitar), Emiliano Bonanomi (Electric guitar) and Fabian Suske (Engineer). You always need a great team to create masterpieces right?

Stream this absolute gem of a song from this awe-inspiring artist that has made such a comeback in life. Head to Bandcamp for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen