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That sweet feeling inside: Depollock wants to be ‘More Than Friends’ on upbeat electro-pop summer breeze debut release

Depollock is here with the debut single called ‘More Than Friends‘ and this will have you grooving along with a goofy smile on your face all day long.

Moon Rider Records musician, artist, and editor Depollock is here a mood changer that doesn’t need a ring. The melodies are sweet and summery which is just the perfect tonic to add into your music beverage.

His vocals lift so easily over the doom and gloom and the indie-pop daydream becomes reality in your mind as you work out what to say to your crush. His pure love is easy to hear in a song that is so magnificently made, the excellent production seems so effortless and vibrant which captures your imagination.

The optimistic energy fields come alive on this extremely satisfying listen for our tired bodies. Love should be tender like this, your genuine words that keep it real for them to entertain in their mind.

More Than Friends‘ from new artist Depollock is a fine song that is carefree, romantic and perfectly encapsulates what so many of us are feeling. If you are single right now, its been so hard to meet someone as the world is locked down. We find ourselves desiring a friend of ours to be our lover and this narrative is sung with tender care here.

If it doesn’t work out you might lose the friendship forever but it it does work out, you will be in love with someone you know well and care about so much. Life can be simple and sweet sometimes after all.

Cheer up your mood via the song on Soundcloud and see what comes next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Grateful for nature: Smaiblue brings simple beauty to music that is often forgotten on ‘Caught In September’

Taken off the flourishing 12 track album ‘That’s Enough Love Songs – See You Soon‘, this is a beautifully created and nature-inspired song to help those weary minds to walk away from the TV screens for a few moments. ‘Caught In September‘ from the sensationally honey-coated voice of Smaiblue might be your new meditation go-to track.

Her voice is so peacefully innocent and the story of being around the gorgeous purple flowers is lucidly imagined as we can shut off our work brains for a short while. This is about forgetting our worries and wondering about how they grow and when. The sweet nature of the song is such a welcome relief from the real world. Everything seems to be so serious and it feels that you are carrying a massive boulder on your back the entire time.

This is a throwback to the old school type of love and feel, the tenderness is so lovely and natural. The earthy start gets you into a peaceful trance right away and the lyrics are so meaningful. Being grateful for the small things is something most of us need to remember, as everything is so fast as we scroll throw hours of meaningless junk.

Smaiblue teaches us to not stagnate and remember that looking at nature is the key to being happy. ‘Caught In September‘ is the story of believing in each other when you feel lost or sad. The world can be simple and worthwhile if we just put down those pesky electronics for a short while and just look at that beauty around us every once in a while.

Stream this song here via Bandcamp or Spotify and see the socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen