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I Wanna See You: Toronto-based singer JAHSHONA re-releases ‘Sustain’

As her kind soul heartily desires to be with someone who is only interested in a proper partnership, JAHSHONA sings with that love-laced passion to find that sweet relationship which will assist her to reach all those manifested-to-the-stars goals on ‘Sustain‘.

Jahshona Yahselah aka JAHSHONA, is a Canadian-Jamaican soul/RnB vocalist, Musical Theatre student and songwriter, who is based in Toronto, Ontario. She makes that emotionally-charged music which has your heart thumping quickly, as she takes us on a romantic-filled journey.

Jahshona’s musical prowess began at the age of eight when she began choreographing dances to Mariah Carey, and Aaliyah records in her elementary school library. Her father, a musician and producer, was around to hear Jahshona sing aloud, accidentally for one of the first times.” ~ JAHSHONA

With a mightily desirable vocal ability which lathers eloquently through your curious speakers, this is a terrific track which shows us her progression and the delightful ambiance attached, only strengthens her growing name.

Sustain‘ from the youthful Toronto, Ontario-based indie soul/RnB solo artist JAHSHONA, is a fervent song with so much sweet-nature-powered kindness. This is a wonderfully raw song with that proper passion attached – that has your body feeling so warm and intrigued – as you remember that time you just knew what you wanted.

In this world full of quick-swipes and ghosting in seconds, finding that loyal soulmate has never been more important.

Stream her new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen