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I Sent The Angels: Susan Waters tells us its all going to alright again on ‘You Said’

After taking a break from burnout and to replenish her growing creativity, Susan Waters returns to our lives on her lovely new single that was co-written and co-produced by her son Sky named ‘You Said‘.

Susan Waters is a proud mother born in Chanhassen, Minnesota, a solo indie folk/pop singer-songwriter, and a highly keen road biking enthusiast. She took time to build up her business and to raise a family for many years, however she has recently gone back into her heartfelt passion of songwriting.

“I want people to feel that we are not alone.”Susan Waters

You will find such a genuine soul here, her beautifully toned voice is genuine and so kind, as her faith shines through the dark clouds to give us hope again. Her vocals show us someone who is clearly self-aware and who knows that we need to find that much-need love again, to truly express ourselves into happiness. That true feeling that has your whole body shaking in excitement – is the only way to be fully free and if you hide away your heart – you will lose its shine that needs to fly like a curious bird up above.

You Said‘ from the lovable mom and indie folk/pop singer -songwriter Susan Waters, shows us a loving musician who tells us that we must never lose ourselves, as light is around the next corner if you believe enough. This is exactly the song to play if you are feeling a bit down and need some much-needed inspiration. You will need some tissues too as this is an emotional ride to finding true purpose, that shall have you singing at the top of your lungs.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more news via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen