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Sitting In Bed Folding Laundry: Dune Dogs Band grows tired of being pushed away on Higher Ground

With a sublime style which shall see many merry faces around the world dancing with joy, Dune Dogs Band feels like the loving energy is subsiding rather quickly via the top echelon new single Higher Ground.

Dune Dogs Band is a Newburyport, Massachusetts-based alternative beach-rock band who pulsates the airwaves with mellow vibes to light up with.

Polished by the talented producer Josh Gold, both songs hold a catchy nature, and experiment with other sounds from around the world.” ~ Dune Dogs Band

Opening up our eyes to a romance which has faded away for unknown reasons, Dune Dogs Band draws out organic emotions which might send so many into a reflective state of regret inside a past love.

Higher Ground from Newburyport, Massachusetts-based alternative beach-rock band Dune Dogs Band is a song for anyone who has dealt with a companion who has decided to close their heart. With a catchy atmosphere to dance with, this is a rather honest effort which will stir many emotions.

When you get pushed away too many times, it’s best to think about what the future holds.

Listen up on Spotify. See more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Shark Attack!! drop groovy new ocean-loving single to tan with on ‘Back To The Beach’

With a vibe so sunny it might cause you to put on sunglasses even if it’s pitch dark outside, Shark Attack!! helps us remember how fun the sea is on their latest mostly-instrumental jam sesh that helps you feel all fresh with, ‘Back To The Beach‘.

Shark Attack!! is a New Orleans, USA-based indie surf-rock band that forms such an ultra-positive vibe that enables you to flip your perspective back into smile-only climates.

Know that feeling when you’ve been away from the Beach for a while and then you decide it’s about time to go…BACK TO THE BEACH??!! This song is a portal to that emotion.” ~ Shark Attack!!

Applying the sunblock and showing us where to chill under the umbrella, Shark Attack!! return with their fantastically signature style that shall get you sweating in cheeky delight at their undisputed awesomeness.

Back To The Beach‘ from New Orleans, USA-based indie surf-rock band Shark Attack!! is a lifeguard-lovin’ new track to have you packing your cap and remembering to load that sandy beach bat into your backpack, so that you may have the best day possible. With a happy vibe that is proper smile-filled, this is one of those experiences that you will find hard to ever forget. The energy is alive with only goodness and with summer energy flowing through the clouds to help us get that tan back, this is a terrific entry that shall assist us in seeking that much-needed day at the beach.

Listen up on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Liverpool’s The Shipbuilders howl rather terrifically at ‘The Moon’ with impressive vigour you can’t possibly forget

With a splendid song that has you thinking that you are in the middle of a movie that is about to show you the twist, The Shipbuilders are possibly at their absolute best on their new single that will have you looking far into something that fascinates the whole world called ‘The Moon‘.

The Shipbuilders is a Liverpool, UK-based rock band who make that type of cowboy-like sing-a-long wonder that will have you feeling so much better about life.

Since releasing their first EP, ‘Something in the Water’ in 2016, the band have continuously expanded their sound and scope of influences to create a world where sparkling pop wonders are nestled between Spanish Civil War laments, gypsy arias, and chaotic, shambolic odes to drinking, death and everything in between.” ~ The Shipbuilders

Giving you the sense that they would love to share a cold one after the gig and have a laugh with, The Shipbuilders confidently assemble a riveting track that is right up there with one of the most passionately enthralling efforts of 2022 so far.

The Moon‘ from the original Liverpool-based rock act The Shipbuilders, is a party-loving, mood-swinging, drink-chugging gem that will have you feeling that you have just witnessed something rather special. This is a band to play loud when you are in the mood to let loose – and just take your heart and soul into a happier place – to launch your vocals into the sky until you feel the urge to close your eyes with a huge grin on your face.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

North Carolina’s Snatch the Snail are set to release their warped and wavy surf punk single, Sunk

Snatch the Snail

North Carolina’s most psychedelic retro surf outfit, Snatch the Snail, is set to release their warped and wavy alt-rock track, Sunk. Instead of sending you under as the track title suggests, the Avant-Garde nuances in the colourfully mellow track feed the dopamine with the same generosity of Pavement’s album, Brighten the Corners.

While the bent to the point of distortion guitar notes ring through plenty of wobbly echo and delay, the deadpan vocals sweeten the track that has all the hallmarks of a vibe-out playlist staple. With the experimentalism of Mike Patton and the punk surf vibes of Fidlar, it doesn’t take a genius why Snatch the Snail are thriving in their niche.

Check out Snatch the Snail on their website, Bandcamp and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Smooth New Sound Of Tampa

It comes as no surprise that Grand Lotus come from Tampa, there is a sun drenched vibe which runs through their chiming alt-pop, surf-rock what could only come from such a warm climate. There is also a sophistication which belies their young age. Whilst most guys their age content to be heavy handed copyists of the likes of the Foo Fighters, it is fantastic to find a band who revel in more intricate and more interesting music, heading more into a more Doobie Brothers or better still,  Steely Dan direction and that in itself is both an indication of their skills as well as their bravery.

Australia is at once frictionless and luxuriant but with just enough grit in the oyster to keep things from heading off towards the middle of the road and their sound might wear rocks outer garments but you catch glimpses of jazz, R&B and pop undergarments underneath. Now they have proven that they can infuse rock with more interesting elements, we can all wait with bated breath for them to flip the concept and really get creative.

The Routines – ‘di Arfar; The Best Welsh Band Since The Manic Street Preachers?

Ever had the pleasure of listening to listening to Welsh lyrics over an undercurrent of surf styled psychedelic rock? Nope. Neither had I until I pleasantly stumbled across The Routines latest hit ‘di Arfar. The only way to some up their sound is to imagine a cross between The Manic Street Preachers and the Arctic monkeys.

The Routines are made up of 3 extraordinarily talented musicians who implore their working class oppression to create an infectious sound that you can’t help but get behind in raucously euphoric ecstasy. No review of The Routines would be complete without mentioning the mesmerizing talent of the guitarist and his delectable  power he has over his riffs that have the power to suck you in until you’re completely immersed in the charismatic cacophony of sound that is being bestowed upon you.

The Routines are certainly not a band that likes to take themselves too seriously as you can gather from the video in ‘di Afar. Their rat race malaise is something that has the power to resonate within everyone. Even though I couldn’t make out a word of the lyrics, their energy conveyed the message and the evocative emotion behind the track poignantly. Their other tracks incorporate English lyrics such as ‘Christening’ however there’s something quite special and refreshing about listening to lyrics in a foreign language.

Check out their new track on Youtube via the link below.

A&R Factory Present: Sam Ryder

Sam Ryder is a singer/songwriter from London who has been in music with various projects since 2009. He formed rock band The Morning After who released two albums on Rising Records UK and JVC Victor in Japan. Their albums “You Can’t Hurt Steel” and “Legacy” have since shifted thousands of copies.

In 2010 Sam was then recruited to tour and write with 80’s style glam metal band Blessed By A Broken Heart (Tooth & Nail/EMI) and contributed to their Billboard charting album “Feel The Power”

After Blessed called it quits, Texas punk/hardcore band Close Your Eyes (Victory Records) asked Sam to join as their front-man and writer. In 2013 they released “Line In The Sand” which resulted in multiple song placements on MTV, NHL 2015 and MGM feature film “Max”.

Sam self-released his debut solo EP in March of this year and is putting the final touches of his full length album that he tracked in Nashville, TN with producer Bryan Wilson (Frightened Rabbit, John Newman).

A&R Factory Present: Astronomyy

Twenty six year old singer/songwriter/producer Astronomyy from Worcestershire, England, has been making a name for himself amongst the upcoming “most talented”. Creating a bond between spotless songwriting and modern electronic production techniques, Astronomyy has used his space wisely, rocketing up the Hype Machine chart time and time again, whilst orbiting UK radio and listeners alike.

His own songs including ‘Don’t Need U’, ‘Nothin On My Mind’ and ‘The Secret’ have gathered 24 million+ plays over Soundcloud and Spotify alike, whilst his cowrite/production with Zara Larsson and MNEK “Never Forget You” has become a world wide smash hit with over 302 Million streams on Spotify alone.

With radio plays from Annie Mac, Huw Stephens and Beats1 amongst many, and several Hype Machine number ones to date Astronomyy has become a taste marker with his recent edits of Terror Jr’s ‘Three Strikes’ and Billie Eilish’s ‘Ocean Eyes’ which topped the US and Global Spotify Viral charts with over 6 million Spotify streams.