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Super Love advocate autonomy indie their electromatic pop hit, The Real Me

For the last two years, we’ve followed Super Love’s autonomously expressive career. Their latest single, The Real Me, which was released on July 22nd, is their most unapologetically authentic electro groove-led pop triumph to date.

The effect-laden, almost animatronic vocals fuse into the synthwave production, which keeps the funk rhythms rolling around the angular indie guitars that add to the cold, almost alien atmosphere of the single which acts as a harbingering warning of what it means to lose your sense of self.

We’re all guilty of going into auto-pilot mode from time to time and disassociating from our souls. With The Real Me on your playlist, you’re infinitely less likely to slip into that vacuous rabbit hole.

Check out Super Love’s latest single, The Real Me, via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Super Love showed us the light side of ‘The Moon’ in their latest 80s-inspired polyphonic alt-pop single.

Here with another slice of polyphonic 80s alt-pop nostalgia is the indie power couple Super Love; their synergy and chemistry more than translated in ‘The Moon’.

Oscar Wilde may have created the old gutters and stars adage, but why get your interstellar bliss from anyone else but someone already living it? Metaphorically speaking, of course, but you get the gist.

Despite the instrumental minimalism, The Moon is radiant under the polyphonic keys, the low and almost dreamy basslines and vocals that effortlessly exude a Blondie-level of cool while wrestling with sticky-sweet lyricism.

The Moon will officially release on April 15th; you can check it out for yourselves via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Super Love hit peak relatability with their alt-synthpop track, ‘Bored’.

Super Love

With their tendency to consistently switch up their sound, Super Love’s new releases always explore another facet of their expressively creative talent; their latest single, ‘Bored’, is no exception.

After the scuzzy NIN-reminiscent intro, the soundscape shifts into a funk-brandishing feat of alt-pop that allows Super Love to stay true to their NYC roots. With elements of indie-pop-rock and 80s synthpop, Bored unravels as a refreshingly relatable track that captures the frustration of lockdown boredom without ever resonating as melancholic or piteous. Instead, it speaks to listeners facing brand-new levels of boredom as they realised that the phrase, ‘only boring people get bored’, really doesn’t apply during lockdown times.

Next time you feel like you’re going to be *that* person and complain to your friends, hit play and get the compassion from Super Love instead.

You can hear Super Love on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Super Love sends in indie-rock with flair on ‘Dirty Liar’

Super Love rock in with their edgy and unique style on ‘Dirty Liar‘.

The boldly distinctive style of Super Love starts with pairing multi-layered lyrics and cross-genre grooves, building each track into a unique yet familiar sonic experience. The band has been influenced by the local style of New York City, involving piano in their expressive sound and incorporating elements in their work from numerous sub-genres, including punk and jazz.

Formed in 2019 by Constance Watkins (lead vocals) and Jared Watkins (multi-instrumentalist), they write and record in a brownstone townhouse in the city. These two make a great team and you can tell that they are perfectly in sync.

Dirty Liar‘ is an exciting song full of distortion, full of intriguing vibes that simmers through to your soul. I love how this band is improving after each song and they play their own style. Authenticity is so rare these days and this is so welcome.

Click here to the to hear this epic track.

Here is the Facebook to find out more about the band.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Romantic duo ‘Super Love’ are back with 5th single ‘’Ambient’’

‘Super Love’ is an American duo from New York, New York in the USA. Formed in 2019 by Constance Watkins (lead vocals) and Jared Watkins (multi-instrumentalist), they are back with their lovely ‘’Ambient’’ single, the 5th one from their exciting debut EP.

This is a soothing song and this sweet duo takes us through a journey, the song is very chilled and shows off Constance’s vocal abilities. You can see that these two love playing with each other and although they haven’t performed as a duo for long, they are totally comfortable while playing.

A brand new duo, they will go from strength to strength with more live gigs and events so they can see which songs work and some don’t. “Ambient” is a song about dealing with loss. It is melodically driven and the heartfelt vocals pair with a motown-groove jazz-fusion bass line, emphasizing that life continues even through grief. 

The band has been influenced by the local style of New York City, involving piano in their expressive sound and incorporating elements in their work from numerous subgenres, including punk and jazz. They live in an incredible city, one bursting with energy and the music scene is second to none. Let’s hope that this act plays as much as possible, so that they can light up more and get a chance to fully shine.

Here is the SoundCloud link to hear from ‘Super Love’.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen