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Alex Thorn paid homage to the hair-raising 80s rock era in his revivalist anthem, Bleeding Youth

Chicago 80s rock revivalist Alex Thorn found a riotously anthemic way to affirm that everything is transitory, including perception, in his latest Sunset Strip cruising single, Bleeding Youth. Prickly by name, prickly by nature, the one-man powerhouse used his thorns to draw the blood from the protagonists that deserve to be left in the rearview mirror after they have drained you of sanity and patience.

The stabbing rhythm section punctuates the earworm with galvanising tension to create an addictively exhilarant hit which pays homage to the literally hair-raising 80s rock era while in the same riff-driven breath bringing something completely new to the arena with the pop-punk nuances.

His confronting vocal presence, which teases playful provocativeness into his vocal lines, was the perfect way to package the release that is worthy of pride of place on your playlists next to the likes of KISS, Dokken and Crashdiet.

Bleeding Youth is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast