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Californian singer-songwriter Sunny shines in her latest jazz-infused acoustic single, Bones.

Adult contemporary singer-songwriter and musician Sunny has released her soul-laden acoustic jazz infusion single, Bones, which would fall into the easy listening category if it wasn’t for the breezy melodic alchemy that flows through the affectionately provoking release.

The Californian artist was born into a musical family; she picked up an acoustic guitar at age 15 and devoted her life to music and songwriting from there on out. Based on Bones, every second of dedication paid off in this tranquilly mellifluous soundscape that exhibits the ethereal nature of her innocently expressive vocal timbre.

Bones is available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Snowdonia – Ways Of The World: Jazzy Sunny Art Rock

Snowdonia are broadcasting a call that is not exclusive to people that listen to alternative rock or art rock or jazz or enjoy the sound of wind instruments; they are addressing all listeners that are after sunny, beautiful, organically played music.

The only thing about them that is more smiley than their music, is the band members’ actual smiles! In all seriousness though, aside from the positive, instantly uplifting vibe that their song “Ways Of The World” will give you, this is a solid composition. The flute is blessing us with an outstanding phrase on the verses. The drumming is serving the song in a funky yet discreet way. Their singing, especially on the chorus is like listening to a choir of angels. I’m not sure if Jethro Tull would be among the artists that the band would go ahead and cite as an influence, regardless the band’s sound would fairly remind of Tull to some listeners.

There is nothing that I don’t love about this song. There’s an excellent balance between artfulness and laid back catchiness here.

Treat yourself to a sonic smile here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis