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The bluesy comedown: ‘Trouble in Paradise’ from Salvador Mundi is a terrific listen

With a summer daze and bluesy wonder kind of feel, this is a song that needs to be appreciated. This exciting two-piece act called Salvador Mundi and they are here with new track ‘Trouble in Paradise‘- a song that will bring back some memories for you.

A band that have the power to make you follow them, this is something rather fascinating. The vocals take you to another place and the riveting guitar melodies make you wonder about life and what it all means. This is a fresh song that is so tasty for our hungry souls, the chorus gets you in the mood real fast and you feel in an instantly better mood. This is the power of top class music.

Trouble in Paradise‘ from Salvador Mundi¬†is a gritty Blues-Rock journey that feels like you are in a beat-up car with your best friends. The party was so much fun but now things are super hazy and you want to feel normal again but for some reason, you are staying in this dusty zone.

For fans of bands like The Black Keys, you will love this and your feet will be tapping all the way through this new single. This is a song that is sweaty and oozes so much quality, you might need to be sitting down for this one.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen