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Sensual Summer Reggae-Pop Vibes: Emen – Naughty Girl

Based on his latest single, Naughty Girl, Nigerian-born UK-based breaking artist Emen (Emenere Ette) has returned to the music scene as a triple threat; his soulfully imploring vocals, playful lyrical approach and tropically blissful reggae-pop beats combine to create sensual summer vibes that won’t fail to serenade.

It really wouldn’t be a surprise if women are as quick to identify with the protagonist in Naughty Woman as they were to identify with Margot Robbie’s depiction of Harley Quinn. It’s an infectiously up-vibe track; you couldn’t ask for a sweeter summer pop hit.

Naughty Girl is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Marven Denis speaks to the romantic cynics in his summer pop track, ‘Close to Me’.

Marven Denis

Up and coming RnB pop artist Marven Denis speaks to the romantic cynics in his latest up-vibe sun-soaked single, Close to Me, which breaks the mono-cultural mould by allowing tropic reggae-style bass-riding beats to create a solid structure for Denis to lay down his serenading lyrics.

With infectiously catchy choruses and Denis’ fresh approach to his sound that spans across multiple genres and hemispheres, Close to Me has all the potential to become one of the biggest hits this summer.

Denis’ started his journey as an artist by learning bass playing traditional gospel music before he started to explore more genres and work on his composing, directing and producing talent. Which goes some way in explaining how there is so much soul and authenticity in this release.

Check out Marven Denis’ latest single via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

B7ayre prepares us for ‘Summer Days’ with his latest single

Instead of dropping a mindlessly archetypal summer hip hop track, B7ayre is here with his latest single, ‘Summer Days’, which resoundingly reminds you that the days getting longer isn’t a guarantee of your life instantly getting better.

With the sun-bleached reggae and blues-infused Hip Hop beats bringing the high vibes and B7ayre’s bars demanding that you stay grounded in reality while the track runs through, it’s an exceptionally subversive track that breaks the mould and blows your mind while doing so.

You can check out the official video to Summer Days that dropped on March 1st via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast