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CAIA sleeks in with sexy ‘Doin To Me’

CAIA is back with his vibrant new song ‘Doin To Me‘ and this one is bound to be a bedroom winner.

CAIA is a former gymnast, model, DJ and currently a singer-songwriter. He shared what inspires his music, style and the people he finds most exciting in the world today.

Doin’ to Me‘ is a song that covers the topic of poisonous relationships that are addictive & harmful yet oddly pleasurable at times. You feel like you are in love but some things that your partner does makes you shiver sometimes. You are so far in that you choose to ignore the red flags for a while. How long will this thrilling but risky love last?

The video was directed by Francois Rousseau and Andre Atangana and as good friends of the artist, this team worked superbly on the exciting music video.

Doin’ to Me‘ from CAIA is a sexy, sultry and hot song that is about that passion inside. This is a song that has George Michael energy all over it and this is a fine artist that makes a summer hit here.

Stream here for the YouTube link.

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Gentry charms the speakers with sensual debut R&B song ”Work Of Art”

Gentry is a new singer-songwriter and he is here with a sultry R&B track to get you in the mood. This debut song is called ”Work Of Art” and it is steamy to say the least.

Work Of Art” is all about the appreciate of a lovers body and knowing that you two can go far together. You love what you see and just want to be with this person. You just want to keep things simple and make sure that everything is natural.

Gentry has such a smooth style and he definitely knows how to market himself. He has been smart by building up his name for a while via TikTok, Instagram and is now going for it on streaming websites for this new song. I like his voice and the beat is a big winner. ”Work Of Art” is a sultry R&B song that is perfect for those nights where you are with your date and just want to slow dance.

Work Of Art” is the debut song from Gentry and he shows that he is a rising star. This is pure R&B that is going to be very popular with fans of the genre- young and old.

Stream this new sensual R&B track right here on Spotify.

Head to Insta to see more from this artist.

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Sultry beats emanate from Ale From SummerClub’s ”Sabanas”

Vocalist, Producer and part of Thenasa8, Ale From SummerClub is one busy musician. He alternates between London and Madrid. Ale makes really good music too and this is his time to shine as a solo artist.

Sabanas” means ‘sheet’ in Spanish. We all know where this is going. This is a stupendously sexy song that makes me want to comb my hair and put on a new shirt. Sadly I have no hair and my washing is in the dryer so I’ll let Ale From SummerClub do his thing.

This is summer house all the way with quite possibly the naughtiest song of 2020. The beat hypnotizes you and you just want to remember those fly dance moves you might know. This is love music with lots of groovy beats to make your crush blush all night.

With the single coming off the ”LUCKY13” EP from the 1st June 2020, the timing couldn’t be better here for a party release. With the world slowly opening up, it would be surprising not to see this song pushed on radio and clubs.

This is quality party music to wash your ”Sabanas” for.

To hear this beat with so much charm, get your fingers clicking on the Soundcloud link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen