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Advice for When Submitting Music to A Blog

If you’re sitting on a demo and you are on the fence about submitting it to a music blog, this guide will run you through the best ways to get your music featured, how to make your pitch and how to be discerning to make your PR missions more time-efficient.

  1. Learn the Art of Rejection

The dejection that artists feel when they have submitted music to a blog only to have had their submission ignored or crucified is 100% understandable.

It is a brave move for independent artists to make themselves so vulnerable by sharing something they have put their heart and soul into. So, with that in mind, our first piece of advice is to understand that the music industry is a highly competitive place; some music blogs can receive hundreds or thousands of new submissions each week. Rejection is part and parcel of the artistic experience; though it will hurt, it is important to overcome the ego blows and take them in your stride. Endeavour to succeed, regardless of past rejection and crippling fear of future rejection. There is little use in creating music that you’re proud of if you’re not going to share it with the world – no matter how hard it feels to make the world listen.

  1. Ditch the Any Press is Good Press Motto

Before submitting music to a music blog, check out some of the reviews that are already posted. Some music journalists (we are using that term very lightly here) are more interested in tearing artists apart instead of championing them. You don’t want to throw yourself into the lion’s den of salty armchair critics that get their kicks from spilling the most potent bile.

Secondly, you will want to ensure that you’re submitting to the right blogs. Don’t waste your time or anyone else’s by submitting to blogs that do not cover your genre, or try and grab the attention of a blog that only features established artists.

  1. Be Prepared to Make a Professional Impression

Getting featured in music blogs is one of the best ways for independent artists to get noticed in their respective scenes. To make sure that you get off on the right foot with blogs get prepared before you make your pitch. For every new release, you should have high-quality artwork to go with it, or at least some impressive artist/band photos in your press pack. We would also recommend getting well established on social media and creating an official website.

  1. Keep it Exclusive

If you have a blog that you have always wanted to get featured on and you have a new upcoming release, ask them to premiere your release or music video. Independent blogs love exclusive content. If you would prefer to submit to multiple blogs simultaneously, get your submissions in before the official release date. As a rule of thumb, the longer you leave your submissions after your release, the likelihood of your music getting featured gets infinitely slimmer.

Submit original music to A&R Factory today; your demo will be picked up by one of our experienced writers who share our ethos of championing independent artists and helping grassroots music thrive. Even if you have only just learnt how to start making rap music, or music of any genre, we are here to celebrate your newfound authentic talent.