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Subject 72

Subject 72 have released single Mad: A funky bit of Reggae infused with the loud and chaotic Rock element

The duo Subject 72 have released their most recent piece ‘Mad’, a rather diverse choice of genres as they incorporate Reggae with Punk Rock.

Pulling many similarities from bands such as Sum 41, bringing in that lively up-beat drum solo, hitting against the snare and clashing against the cymbal. Using a funky tune giving it a mixture of Reggae sounds to go through the overall Rock style of the track.

Having that more raucous tone, it’s deep and tends to stay at the same minimum volume, this piece is nothing crazy, it’s very mellow even when the instrumentation comes in. Intertwining the voice in with the hardcore drum beats, then towards the end, the electrifying guitar shreds come in to bring the song to its end.

These guys are ones to add to your playlist, be sure to check out their other track Losers.

You must check out the latest single Mad by Subject 72 by heading on over to Spotify now, you don’t want to miss this one!

Review by Karley Myall