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Stuttgart’s Stellan Perrick drops his terrifically honest debut single, ‘Golden Baby’

After working with other artists for almost a decade, Stellan Perrick has taken the lead and shown us what we have been missing out on with the story about finding your own treasure inside your soul with, ‘Golden Baby‘.

Stellan Perrick is a Stuttgart, Germany-based indie alternative artist and experienced music producer who has been behind the decks for the past 7 years.

Golden baby is my own personal story which is a little dark. But the idea was to take that darkness and make it somehow enjoyable. That’s why even though golden baby has very dark and emotional lyrics, it sounds like a dance track. At a very low point in my life, I felt very worthless, feeling like everyone is somehow better than me, cooler than me, how got it all together better than me.” ~ Stellan Perrick

Entertaining brightly where others fade into the dull background, Stellan Perrick is in sterling form with a scintillating display of glorious directness, that takes him into a whole new world that has just started.

And I through my journey of loving myself, made this song for people who have felt like I did at one point So that people would never have to feel like how I felt. It is my message of love to each and every one of them.” ~ Stellan Perrick

Golden Baby‘ from Stuttgart, Germany-based indie alternative artist and music producer Stellan Perrick is a finger-clicking piece of catchy intrigue from a skilled musician who is on a mission to take charge from now on. After so many years in the shadows, he has bravely ventured out and led us into a highly worthwhile listen, that will have you completely enthralled from the first second.

With spark-packed vocals and a body-grooving endeavour to praise, we are enlightened by a story that many of us will certainly relate to.

Hear this honest release on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Yabou knows that the silly lies and dumb fights need to end forever on ‘Gone To Waste’ (feat. Dave Nunes)

With a peaceful tone that is such a tranquil listen to get your whole heart into the story rather quickly, Yabou wonders how they got to this point after a romance that had the potential to be special on, ‘Gone To Waste(feat. Dave Nunes).

Yabou is a Stuttgart, Germany-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter who always shows his multicultural background that helps his music to be brilliantly diverse and fantastically edgy.

This track deals with a love/relationship which isn’t meant to succeed. It’s about accepting that it’s healthier to let go instead of lying to yourself and your partner to make it work somehow but also about breaking free/moving on in life.” ~ Yabou

Combining beautifully to bring real perspective to a moment that has been waiting for the final call, Yabou displays a gracious class and rare openness that puts the candle out and starts the healing process that two hearts really need in order to move onto better days.

Loves to make music giving free range to his creativity, rather than getting stuck in genre categories.” ~ Yabou

Gone To Waste(feat. Dave Nunes) from Stuttgart, Germany-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter Yabou shows us a shattered window between two souls who just can’t find that peace they both deserve. After realizing that they should probably move on, this is that reminder that sometimes – two people shouldn’t be together – as the toxic waters are too strong to overcome. With a crisp vocal performance and a natural beat to truly close your eyes to, this is a stunning track that is a break-up anthem that many have felt deeply before.

Even if you want things to work, sometimes nature just takes over and makes the decision before you.

Hear this new track on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Andy Host – Heartbeats: International Upbeat Brit Pop

I was one of the lucky few who had the pleasure to listen to German singer song writer Andy Host’s brand new single Heartbeats in the build up to its release. The single will be available to download and in a stunning array of other formats from November 17th.  I’ve been well and truly caught up in the momentum of Andy Hosts new sound. To say that Heartbeats is an upbeat track would be the biggest understatement I could ever make. It’s packed full of raw unadulterated positive vibes that will quite literally take your breath away and guide you into a chaotic state of euphoria.

Andy Host uses his talent with his passion for the Indie Pop and Brit Pop sound and truly brings the genres he dabbles within to life. His previous project ‘Louder Than Gray’ was a mix of melancholic sounds in the midst of pensive emotions, his new musical venture couldn’t be more different, it’s overwhelming with raucous energy, love and passion.

You can taste a sample of his brand new single Heartbeats on his website before it is release date.

Stay connected to the musical enigma through the Facebook link below for more info on his new upcoming releases.