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Stunts washes the pain away while there was nothing to say on ‘No Feels’

With their much anticipated debut album ‘Housework‘ set for release on the 23rd August 2022, Stunts shows us that empty feeling that occurs when you get that numb feeling inside your soul on ‘No Feels‘.

Stunts is a Wollongong, Australia-based Electro grunge 3-piece group who enjoys releasing authentic stories about genuine love, loss, longing, disappointment, and fiscal responsibility in their electrifying tracks.

Fronted by a cross-generational, odd couple of co-lead vocalists. Matty Stunts (Gen X sensitive singer-songwriter/guitarist glockenspiel/synth/miscellaneous) is joined by the precocious talents of Racey Stunts (Gen Y chanteuse/production whiz/bassist) mashing up synths from the 80s and angsty guitars and impact drums from the 90s.” ~ Stunts

Showing us their intricate soundscape that will have you pivoting the volume up to full, Stunts startle our senses and wake us up rather fast in breathtaking proportions-that will shock many and fascinate others-who have previously felt this specific moment.

No Feels‘ from Wollongong, Australia-based Electro grunge 3-piece act Stunts is a scintillating single that will take you into another time altogether via their incredibly proficient sound and spine-tingling vocals. With a lyrical skill set bar none and a tone that has you opening your eyes to what so many are seeing and feeling right now in this frosty world, this is a fire crackling soundtrack to the current world.

Finding someone special who senses what your soul is feeling is surely the key to a happy life.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen