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Watched My Mama Cry: Lil Quazzy remembers the time when he almost starved to death on ‘Struggle’

As he makes those money moves that are a far cry away from where he was brought up, Canadian rapper Lil Quazzy reminisces about those times when he didn’t know if things would ever get better on ‘Struggle‘.

Lil Quazzy is a fast-rising Toronto, Ontario-based rapper. He rocks the mic fluidly with a quick-fire bar-stacked-with-fmaes delivery that invitingly heats up your battered heart from the dicey coldness outside – as he strides in looking in both directions – with a knowing glance of where he came from.

This is the intense story about making some moves that you wish you could take back from the day – as you were brash and young – just trying to feed your family the only way you knew how. He puts on a fine display here that is full of excellently-penned lyrics, that is calmly combined with a hungry attitude which shows you his ever-increasing growth.

Struggle‘ from the electrically charged Toronto, Ontario-based indie trap rapper Lil Quazzy, is a true statement which leaves you in no doubt about where his mind is at. He is a wise soul who had to grow up quickly to avoid the pitfalls that entrenched so many – as he now remains steadfast that he is headed into the right direction – after a few unexpected trips and undesirable pitfalls.

This is a track to play if you feel a bit lost and need your mindset rebooted. You might of made some mistakes growing up like we all did, but that healing redemption is always available if you want it enough.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jalpa shows so much courage with this inspiring track ‘In Your Blood’

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia is the home of Jalpa and this fine producer is back with ‘In Your Blood‘.

Jalpa produced this song after reading one too many horror stories about human beings not having the right to love. Now more than ever we need to all come together, as one to speak up about wrongs in the world that can be changed. With a 3rd of Poland is a ‘LGBT-free zone’. this is a terrible event that should be more well-known globally but due to current events, this has been lost on the world.

Jalpa shows such courage to send through this message on ‘In Your Blood‘. This is an indie edm track that picks up steam and is a worthwhile listen with some interesting layers to keep you guessing.

Standing up for what you believe in, is so important for the soul. This is what makes you stronger and wiser. This is a very cleverly made video that is nice and simple, a song that is meaningful helps too. With the world trying to recover, hopefully there will be a time soon that all Poland’s residents feel safe and not forced to move or hide who they are really are.

Find out more about Poland’s struggle with LGBT-free zones.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen