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PRISONER K Part 2: Berlin’s CALMDOWN cuts away the restrictions on ‘Blind’ (ft. Thëar)

Bringing us the second part of this immaculate series of music experiences that has been sumptuously created with so much love and representing metamorphosis, CALMDOWN takes our imagination to another level beyond what we thought was possible with her arms open wide on ‘Blind(ft. Thëar).

Elisa Vidalis aka CALMDOWN, is a highly motivated and creative composer and electronic music producer from Berlin in Germany. She cleverly meshes her sound to captivate our ears and takes us to another place entirely with deep meaning aplenty, for us to fully wrap headfirst into.

”Through music you feel a moment that you already lived in the past, or a moment you will live in the future or a moment you will never have at all. It travels with you and saves you.” – CALMDOWN

This is the story of keeping your mind open so you can help others when they have their blinkers stuck on and are so stuck. The world can be smoggy and full of temptations that you don’t really need, and you need someone close you help you into the right path, before you get sucked in for too long.

The beat is terrific and the video is so smartly done, as it captures the mood of the world so perfectly. You find yourself fascinated by the message and the visuals have you entrenched into the moment — as each second finds you looking closer — and wondering what is going to take place next.

Blind(ft. Thëar) from Berlin music producer CALMDOWN, is a striking song that has a soundtrack that has you soaked in goodness, with elite vocals that sends you into a whole new world. This is one of the purest songs you will immerse yourself in all year — and a real lesson in being careful with what you dream about — as it can turn real so quickly.

See this terrific music video on YouTube and see more of her journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Mtn Beats send us slow smooth house to relax with ”Infinite”

Denver Producer Mtn Beats returns with their most striking release so far. ”Infinite” is a relaxing single that impresses so much. The Colorado musician manages to find the most relaxing sounds in the world and put it in one song. Genius.

Infinite” is vocal free and allows one to fully immerse their soul into the ocean, your heart feels pure and you’re almost at full peace. The world is so crazy right now and I feel so much more relaxed while daydreaming during the 4 minute 12 second song.

I feel like this is a sign of things to come from Mtn Beats. The beats here are well-received and there is no nonchalance here. Only striking beats and a feeling of being with nature. A huge message in a terrifying year for the world. The Denver producer Mtn Beats has created a fantastic song with ”Infinite”.

Stream this song via Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen