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Just Let Go: Deore searches for those calm days on Peace

Thrusting through the brisk breeze and looking for the healing paths away from these weighty streets, Deore raps with calm significance to pacify all apprehensions away into the distance on Peace.

Deore aka David Arinzechukwu George is a 23-year-old Netherlands-born-and-raised hip-hop artist with Nigerian roots who grew up freestyling verses as a kid.

With bars so decisive they could break down any weak verses without even trying, Deore is on top form with a mellow style that is impossible to dislike. Heaped in a barrage of truth and never letting go, this is a reminder that true peace comes from within.

Peace from the exciting Netherlands-born hip-hop artist Deore is a super single from a quality act who is only elevating through each track. His mind moves through the noise and into happier waters here, as he starts his accent into higher climates.

Each word is meaningful and there is a marvellous beat on offer, to take our hearts into more subdued times to heal inside.

Listen up on Spotify. Check out his socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ain’t Goin’ Down Like That: HOOD CRITTAX runs off on anything they want on debut track da jump off

Seeing fine talent in abundance and taking a snack for lunchtime, HOOD CRITTAX are those ravenous Pitbulls who shall never give up on their popping off all night with the bare hands debut track da jump off.

HOOD CRITTAX is an Atlanta, USA indie hip hop/RnB trio who are inspired by classic sounds and their experiences growing up on those tough streets.

After recording at Timbaland studio recently, HOOD CRITTAX surges through with a top-shelf release to show their intent globally. You feel their incredible exuberance transform previous thoughts through a thoroughly ferocious soundtrack.

da jump off from the underground Atlanta, USA indie hip hop/RnB trio HOOD CRITTAX is one of those gangsta tunes which shall get the groove going. They are inspired by the legends of the game and everything is funky, groovy, hardcore and just excellent in all areas.

If you are a massive fan of edgy lyrics and a sparked-up beat to vibe with, this is a single to turn up loud. It’s that good.

Illuminate your street hustle on Spotify. View their stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

East London rapper Muzuri drops a passionate rap single showing his ultimate independence from the fake masses on, ‘Stay Swangin’

Praying for himself and his crew that they shall all come out alive from these restless streets that can bite you like a junkie looking for a tasty snack, Muzuri knows that he is ready for the big time after too much time in those dangerous council settlements with, ‘Stay Swangin‘.

Jimmy Muzuri Kidjana aka Muzuri is a Seine-Saint-Denis, France-born, London, UK-based indie Hip hop artist who raps with a fluidly introspective style that is uniquely illuminated.

Slicing his piece of the pie as he looks around to make sure that no one else is eyeing up his meal, Muzuri shows us his rampaging rhymes that take you into a picture that can either make or break you. With so many hungry humans out there who will grab your treasure without even thinking of the consequences, this is a warning to those who are even thinking about ripping him off.

Stay Swangin‘ from the East London, UK-based underground rapper Muzuri is a story all about making your return to your homeland and showing that you don’t have any time for silly nonsense that will waste your precious time. After being down on luck for a while it feels like this is a young artist who has found the all-important self-awareness needed, to get up to the top with that grind-over-fun mentality.

Sometimes you just need a shock to the system – that shall set you free from any previous baggage – that you know needs to be unloaded forever for you to truly succeed at your chosen craft.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Talk Is Cheap: Louisville hard rock band Wyld Ryde run the streets on powered-up new single ‘Gasoline Alley’

As they let us know that you need to be vigilant in this part of town as one erroneous move could have you in difficulty, Wyld Ryde light up our imagination and keep on emitting out high-velocity vocals and devastating guitar riffs that shall certainly wake you up on ‘Gasoline Alley‘.

Wyld Ryde is an explosive 4-piece Louisville, Kentucky-based indie hard rock/heavy metal band that seems to make the speakers bleed with their hardcore music creations.

Members Chief-Lead Vocals & Guitar, Tommy Blitz-Lead Guitar & vocals, Mick Watkins-Bass Guitar & Vocals and Kidd Vicious-Drums are on a mission to dominate modern Rock music.” ~ Wyld Ryde

Wyld Ryde is absolutely breathtaking from start to finish as the ominous start of this video projects, as they swarm our ears with a thunderously-charged performance that reminds you of the greats from yesteryear.

Gasoline Alley‘ from the Louisville, Kentucky-based indie hard rock/heavy metal act Wyld Ryde, is the type of track that might send shivers running down your unprotected spine. They prove why they are one of the most respected outfits around at the moment and are on top form here – with an exceedingly-energetic track – ll about making sure that you know where your place is on these mean streets.

See this roaring new music video on YouTube and get a sense of what they are all about on their IG.

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Rising Up: $kribblemarkmartian knows what he needs to do on ‘Crossroads’

After realizing from very young that he wanted to avoid the easy-to-fall-into pitfalls that the soul-sucking streets can hold on you forever, $kribblemarkmartian rises up and lifts his mentality to something that makes sure that he can only be successful on ‘Crossroads‘.

$kribblemarkmartian is a tremendously impressive Blytheville, Arkansas-born, church-raised indie Hip-Hop artist, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and music engineer.

There is much to like about a highly motivated artist who has seen the bottom and speaks about his genuine desires of success. With such a smartly created chorus which somehow has you automatically turning up the volume – he slays through the rest of the track like a ninja on a mission – to defeat all those blood-soaked zombies once and for all.

Crossroads‘ from the Blytheville, Arkansas-born indie rapper, music producer and highly talented $kribblemarkmartian, is that I-was-down-soundtrack which lifts you up from the floor. He has had tough times and decided that enough was enough, as he used his creativity for something positive and the results certainly show. He performs with a motivated edge and with a catchy style like this and echo-filled vocals, the sky is the limit if he keeps on flying high.

Hear this top track on Spotify and see more of his vibe on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Got My Family: Atlanta native SM Tone shows us what is really important with ‘Soufside Baby’

Powered by his own Souf Inner Circle, SM Tone shows us life where he sits on the vibe-conscious new single that is full of life and truthfully delivered words called ‘Soufside Baby‘.

Antonio Finley aka SM Tone, is an Atlanta, Georgia-based rapper and music executive. He also bravely assists other local artists and industry figures with their careers. Its all about helping those true souls where he is from.

Today, he works with multiple artist, producers, photographers, & graphic designers, assisting them with marketing strategies, resources, information and opportunities that aren’t available in mainstream media. His vision is to show the world that no matter the circumstances, when you truly believe in your dream and invest in yourself, that anything is possible.” – SM Tone

With a mellow cruise video to boot, we see a self-aware artist give his all on a striking track that is meant to be enjoyable and appreciated by those he truly get it. There is no fake swag here, only real lyrics about how things have been hard whilst growing up – with lots of lives lost – but he knows that family is all that he really needs to survive.

Soufside Baby‘ from the much-respected Atlanta, Georgia-based rapper and music consultant SM Tone, shows us the ways of the streets and what is really worth thinking about. With so much noise and empty braggadocios energy going down, this is the perfect tonic to ice out those sentiments as you know that this is always keeping it real. You feel his authentically wise nature breeze through into your speaker and just know that nothing is going to change him, as he knows what is really important.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Doing it his style: Jay Wst flows the way he wants to on ‘Rebel’

Jay Wst gets the crew ready for action and shows us his dope flow on the new smoke-filled single ‘Rebel‘.

Jay Wst is an underground hip-hop artist and makes that kind of blaze-gaze reflection type of music, that has your head moving and your body ready for more.

With an indie-trap kind of stimulating style he flows with a pace that will you leave you in astonishment at his lyrical abilities. He raps about stories with his homies, life in this crazy world, making that money and doing things his way. This is a leader in his community who likes to call the shots and not have anyone gassing him up all the time.

An elusive street artist who is respected by the true hip-hop fans, you get the feeling that if he is focused and works on his branding, he could go as far as he wants to.

Rebel‘ from the criminally underrated Jay Wst, is that street-hop bounce that is for those who love that cruisin’ music out late at night. The rhymes open the curtain to what’s its like outside in those dark corners and with a rugged abandon, we are once again reminded of the ultimate underdog. He is a rapper that has so much talent and if he can get on the right feature or music festival, you will see him blow up.

When you get that one chance in life you have to take it and it feels like he will. In his own rebel way of course and he will always keep it real with his crew, as there is no other option.

Stream this late night ride music on his YouTube and check out IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen