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I’m On Top: Garden Grove rapper Wild Kin wonders why they jumped ship on ‘Lane Switch’

As he ruggedly asks why some of his former friends changed so quickly as they drove away from the plan that was set out before, Wild Kin battles on in the only way he knows how on ‘Lane Switch‘.

Wild Kin is a underground Garden Grove, California-based indie rapper. He makes that ravenously hungry-to-baller-riches type of music, as he is from the slums where you aren’t supposed to get out from, and wants to make sure that he gets away from that life forever.

With a frustrated glance to each side as he looks around with a scowl, he wonders what happened to so many who he thought were real in his life. They vanished like quickly-diluted powder into the washing machine of temptation, never to return again. You feel the fiery anger in his voice as he dusts off their memory into the trash can, vowing to keep his circle tight and full of real soldiers only.

Lane Switch‘ from the street-smart and supremely self-confident Garden Grove, California-based rapper Wild Kin, has him revving up to full speed and sliding swiftly to where he wants to be at. He has an extra edgy style that shows you that he is for real – as he forges his path to greatness in this darkly-lit world – which is crying out for proper role models to teach the youth.

Stream this new rap track on Spotify and check out his IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Money don’t sleep, people do: East Oakland’s Cholly Maq teaches us how to make that dough on ‘Million Dolla Mouthpiece’

With street lessons of how to keep that paper flowing for years, Cholly Maq brings his quality raps and cash tips we need to take note of, on his new track called ‘Million Dolla Mouthpiece‘.

Cholly Maq is a quick-fire self-aware East Oakland solo hip-hop artist with more charm in his left pocket, than most of us will ever have in our lifetime. He gratefully takes his shot away from the ego-filled world of rap groups, by branching out by himself and seems to be growing with every bar that he drops.

With his smooth flow and witty stories about the heart-wrenching inner-city poverty in his local area that has unfortunately engulfed so many for far too long, he brings the heat with a top track that has your head noddin’ and your body groovin’ along happily, while making you realize that you need to make something of your life. Waiting for the postman all day isn’t going to deliver you anything after all.

Million Dolla Mouthpiece‘ from the street-smart emcee Cholly Maq, is that true-life message about never slowing down to take a break, as you will slowly lose your touch and someone hungrier will take over. He brightens up our day with a quality release that gets you to think of ideas on how to jump on the money train quickly, before its too late.

Hear this quick-cash winner on Spotify and see more of his vibe on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen