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Make It: Kem .SoL hopes for the romance to blossom on 1 Day

Wanting so much more and sensing that the formally fragmented pieces are finally plunging together, Kem .SoL shows us an unbelievable new creation on the superb 1 Day.

Kem .SoL is an American indie alternative artist who is now based in London, UK and makes a sterling blend of vividly descriptive soundscapes to love forever.

Hoping for love to stay strong despite the strong winds and taken as the 2nd track off The Only Way Is Up, Kem .SoL sends our gaze right into better days. Vocally smooth and drifting with some impact, this is a rather splendid experience to love for its kind energy.

1 Day from the London, UK-based indie alternative artist Kem .SoL is a tremendous single to turn up loud and with some velocity. This is a strength-packed song when you need to keep that hope strong, that two loving humans may stay close despite all the temptations lurking. Lathered in magnificence and calming our ears, we are treated to something so honest and caring when needed most.

When you speak your intentions, the road suddenly clears.

Turn this up loud on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Spark: Jon Clark and One Long Skid sense that special feeling on ‘Chemical Blond’

Taken off their 3rd album ‘A Knot In Time‘, Jon Clark and One Long Skid are at their dreamy best with their latest single that will have you in a tender gaze as you wait for the light to come around with the ‘Chemical Blond‘.

Jon Clark is a Sterling, Massachusetts, USA-based indie-folk/rock artist and music producer who performs with his family band named One Long Skid.

We’re either in control of our skid, enjoying the ride, or spinning out of control into the dark abyss. Sometimes our final destination is in the hand of others.” ~ Jon Clark

Bringing us a nostalgic combination of serene music melodies that has you in a contemplative mood as you listen deeper to a true storyteller at work, Jon Clark and One Long Skid have a trance-like impact on our hearts with a track that is rich in quality and full of easygoing vocals that reminds you of better times.

Chemical Blond‘ from the Massachusetts-based indie folk/rock singer-songwriter and music producer Jon Clark and One Long Skid, is a fresh-from-a-distance track that has you smiling brightly as you remember that human who forced you to look twice and check your temperature. There is so much soul brewing from the sunlight here that warms up your fascinated body, as you remember that time you just knew someone who was something special.

Listen to this new single on YouTube and see more of their adventures on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Remembering those special moments: Elliot Greer’s ‘When I Hear Africa by Toto’ (ft. Rose Stoller) is a love story that shouldn’t end

Scottish born singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist, and actor Elliot Greer, is absolutely incredible with a stirring reminisce about that feeling you get when you hear a song that means so much on ‘When I Hear Africa by Toto’ (ft. Rose Stoller).

The humming start grabs you closely, not too tight though, as we open the door to a stunning track that will have you holding your special human close or shedding some tears to the one that got away.

A love letter about things that could and should of happened, sent to a lover that he cares for so deeply and wants it to work, so much. She responds with a honey-coated delivery and this is such a beautiful indie-folk song that has ‘classic’ written all over it.

His voice is so gritty and the tone grabs your soul and doesn’t let go ever. This is a true story-teller that speaks from real experiences and the acoustic guitar skills are out of this world good. Her voice quickly joins this vividly-described experience and your heart beats so much faster. She speaks on the ups and downs in the relationship, the smell of the musky memory and the song that you can’t stop listening to. You miss each other and desire that close contact again.

Taken off his debut album ‘Handcrafted’, that was made in 3 bathrooms, 2 closets, and 1 laundry room. This is a self-made and self-produced song that has kept Sterling, Scotland born Elliot busy during this traumatic year. He didn’t just sit and feel sorry for himself after the year was going to be his best ever, instead Elliot made music that is so meaningful. When it gets tough, the tough get going.

‘’Someone once said to me that it’s when you stop looking for something that you finally find it. For years, I felt melodies and vocals come naturally to me. It was always the words I couldn’t find. I knew what I wanted to say. I just didn’t know how to say it.’’-Elliot Greer

New York City based Elliot Greer brings us a stunning blues-filled song full of heartbreak and possibilities on ‘When I Hear Africa by Toto’ (ft. Rose Stoller). This is a track that will you make you miss those memorable moments with that special soul or make you appreciate your partner even more. Life is about living in the moment and not regretting what could have happened; even though it’s much easier said than done.

Hear this wonderful creation on Elliot’s Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Debut days: ‘Classic Weekender’ from Manchester rock band Sterling reminisces on those wild weekends

Manchester based indie-rock band Sterling get us in the mood via their debut track ‘Classic Weekender’ and this is a quality release from the new boys.

The explosive start is like a fuse that has been lit and is still sparking bright. Their fierce energy is so welcome in these dark times and this is an Indie Rock thump that knocks the door down to let everyone know that they mean business.

The Manchester boys made the wise move of using the legendary studio Vibe Recording Studios in Cheetham Hill. You can feel that this is going to be a band that will make noise in the UK music scene as they are building their name up to make maximum impact.

With their first EP ‘Billy Boy’ being carefully crafted as we speak and set for release in early 2021, this is the first taste that we have gotten and we want more. The lyrics are honest and reminisce for the fun days of the weekend when we could all go out and not blink twice. The story of going out and having a fun time without a worry in the world.

This has that 90’s Brit feel to it and the bass-lines are so rhythmical and get you in the mood to go down to your local and chat with your mates with a cold brew in hand. This is that Friday night vibe when the lights are on and the conversation is loud and where memories are made.

Sterling from Manchester, UK bring out a debut to remember on ‘Classic Weekender’ and this is the tune to play real loud during those nights that you wish could return to normal again.

Fire up your Friday nights on Spotify and see more of the band on their IG & FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen