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Stephen Skinn Releases White And Black

Rock music is lively. It’s energetic. It’s colorful. It’s varied in too many ways to count. Somehow, it’s difficult to remember that historically, it’s rooted in the blues. Expressions of sorrow and dread have bred so many wonderful anthems and it’s a great thing to reflect on. Stephen Skinn knows how to throw down an inspired track and White and Black is a fantastic representation of the melancholy that can become art. Songs of doldrums and time passing endlessly don’t seem like things that would make for a catchy tune, but it is the driving force that gets artists to break free and release their creative dispositions.

The song is perfect for fans of adult alternative and those that don’t mind some mild distortion. The vocal is emotive and honest but there’s no need for feral dynamics or yelling. This is a controlled track that is tamed by excellent musicianship but not overproduced to the point of mundanity. This is that comfortable  middle ground where alternative rock can speak to people who live in those dull, lifeless eras of their existences and bring them to their feet even for a few moments. This is rock music bring color to the Black and White.

-Paul Weyer