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Take You Inside: Ukrainian artist Allexa Bash doesn’t want any regrets on Stay

Taken from her powerful 8-track release called Dark Angels, Allexa Bash is rather exquisite on the superb single to play on full volume and with passionate intensity, Stay.

Allexa Bash is a classically-trained Ukraine-born Dubai-based indie alternative singer-songwriter who has an outstanding vocal proficiency which is fused with her remarkable work ethic and love for her craft.

A brilliantly versatile musician able to cover pop, rock and jazz, Allexa’s interest in music began when she was just four. She would use a fake mic from her grandmother as if it were real before she progressed to writing her own lyrics.” ~ Allexa Bash

Lathered in so much atmospheric energy to swim deeply inside, Allexa Bash is in top form and shall change perceptions with one of the more unforgettable arrangements in recent history. Everything is so classy and without fuss, you see, as our hearts heal from all anxiousness.

Stay from Dubai-based indie alternative singer-songwriter Allexa Bash is one of the more dynamic sizzlers possible in our ears. She sings with a world-class ability and this is a real stunner to play when extra motivation is needed. Crisp to the core and features an impressive arrangement to ease all romantic worries away.

When two hearts want to stay, anything is possible.

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Montana electro soul act Desperate Electric turns the past issues into positive vibrations with ‘Stay’

Knowing that despite the intermittent problems that occur in relationships, there is always that communication that leads to those good times again, Desperate Electric has dropped the disco gem to get involved with called ‘Stay‘.

Desperate Electric is a Montana, USA based indie alternative electro soul duo who makes music that is so catchy, it will be stuck in your head all day.

”’Stay’ is about not hiding behind your problems; staying, facing the music, and dancing through it. Breaking generational habits, while forging a creative career path, is quite the undertaking, but struggles are easier if we work through them together, and can move forward being the best version of ourselves for the people around us. It’s not about constantly beating yourself up for the mistakes of your past, it’s about growth, and leaving to love yourself and see your self worth even when you’ve made mistakes. Take your pain, learn, and then throw a dance party.” ~ Desperate Electric

Memorable bands have the extra edge that defines a generation. Desperate Electric is that band who has this rare quality in much abundance and shows their electrifying aura to maximum effect with a masterclass performance.

Stay‘ from Montana, USA based indie alternative electro soul duo Desperate Electric is a fine track made with a real energy that lets you know that life is best if you deal with any problems without fuss. Performed with a groovy technique that shall get your fingers clicking and your head nodding, this is a song that might get you into the mood to get dancing.

Laced with that sensational vitality that all excellent songs possess, this is a speaker sizzler you can’t surely forget easily.

Hear this wonderful new track on Spotify and see more news on the IG.

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laceleaf slows everything down to satisfying levels of common sense on ‘Stay’

Released from LA/NYC indie label I’m Into Life Records, laceleaf is in enticing form with a single from their 10-track debut full album ‘Richie‘ with a song that will appease the heart called, ‘Stay‘.

laceleaf is a Boston, Massachusetts-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie alternative pop duo who performs a nostalgic sound that has you visualizing about a different time altogether.

While frequenting the Allston DIY scene, Adam and Ethan moved into an apartment of their own where they began making music of their own- a mellow fusion of pop melodies from the early 2000s’ juxtaposed with the patience of 90s’ slowcore.” ~ laceleaf

Dailing down the excess of extra thoughts that make planning life so hard to stomach when your belly is so anxious, laceleaf leads us down the cosy path that might set you free from any stress that is so unnecessary for your precious soul.

Stay‘ from Boston, Massachusetts-born Los Angeles, California-based indie alternative pop duo laceleaf is a glorious love letter that simmers down the mad rush of life to a tranquil splash into the river. The vocals are so mellow and seem to brush off the heavy thoughts that certainly need to be less, with such an expert style that you might need to listen twice. Constructed with a supremely likeable production to cuddle with, this is a single to remember affectionately for its peaceful message of unity with your chosen partner.

Listen up to this new creation on Spotify and see the moves made on IG.

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Australian DJ ALBA drops heavy-hitting new speaker-shaking techno track, ‘Stay’

With an assortment of unreleased music ready to be thrown into the ears of techno music fans all over the world, the experienced ALBA returns with a brilliantly awesome reminder of his excellent skill set with, ‘Stay‘.

ALBA is an Australian DJ and dance music producer who makes those foot-sliding singles that get you off your seat and headed to your local club.

Taking a 2-year hiatus and travelling the world to experience more of what music and artists have to offer, He came back to where it all began, taking on his new solo project ‘ALBA.’ Since starting mid-June 2021 he had already secured a residency at a huge Brisbane hot spot whilst also playing other venues and events.” ~ ALBA

With his mind alert and ready to take over the scene to bring all party fans something to play with splendidly, ALBA is on a mission here with a dance-the-night-away track to get those mates together as one, so that you all can have a night that goes into the legendary column forever.

Stay‘ from Australian DJ and dance music producer ALBA, is a thunderously exhilarating new single from an artist who knows what the fans want. After years of sweating in the DJ booth and also taking time to renew his love for the game while learning the world scene, this sounds like a creative reborn. Dropping the bass with confidence and mightily sending us into a new stratosphere with some extra female vocals to seduce us in, this is a track to play loud when you are in the mood to let your hair down and get grooving again.

Hear this absolute ripper on Spotify and enter his world on IG.

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Ontario’s Undefinxd wishes that he didn’t stray away from her love on ‘Stay’

Produced 4AWHILEE, Undefinxd drops his latest track that will take your mind into that time when you think deeply about that former lover who you miss so intently on ‘Stay‘.

Undefinxd is a 17-year-old Mississauga, Ontario-based indie Hip hop artist who is a new name in the scene and is making maximum impact currently with his quality soundscapes.

Taking inspiration from his late idol Juice WRLD, he entwines his personal experiences into his craft through a vivid mix of melodic production and insistent and iterative lyrics.” ~ Undefinxd

Seducing our speakers with something ultra-fresh and rather classy that induces our minds to wander into a memorable time, Undefinxd is quite superb on this fine single that has you embracing your loved ones as you show your gratitude while they are around.

Stay‘ from 17-year-old Mississauga, Ontario-based indie Hip hop artist Undefinxd is a regret-loaded track that is all about wishing that things could be different as you reminisce about that romantic partner you treasure, who has sadly faded from your life. Sung and rapped – with such an impressive tone and precision – that has you sitting down and closing your eyes. We feel a message that so many of us can certainly relate to, as we wonder why certain paths can’t join together like we planned out.

Listen up to this new track on Spotify and check out his IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hide In My Head: SVNDRA is quite ravishingly resplendent on the excellent ‘STAY’ (feat. wifisfuneral)

On a breathtaking rhythm that has your entire foundation vigilant and eager for anything, SVNDRA is quite sensational on her more-loving-please new single called ‘STAY(feat. wifisfuneral).

SVNDRA is a naturally-creative Estonian-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and classically trained dancer, who blends hip-hop and sensuous synth to pack a refreshing ambience into each one of her gorgeous tracks.

SVNDRA dreamt of being a singer and living in Los Angeles from the time she was a child growing up in the beautiful forests of her country and she let nothing get in her way. Alone, and only 17 years old she made her initial trip to the United States and wound up recording her first demos in a basement in Queens. The following year she returned, this time to LA and started her life in America.” ~ SVNDRA

This is the sensually evocative narrative of desiring your partner to stay no matter what, as the enchanting SVNDRA pulsates the airwaves like the world-class artist that she is. There is so much to lather lovingly into here, with a smoothly comprehended production that is simply flawless from all corners.

STAY(feat. wifisfuneral) the compelling Estonian-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie-pop singer-songwriter SVNDRA, is one of the finest singles yet from 2021. There is so much extraordinary pure essence all the way through, and the combination of a singer in her prime and a rapper reaching the peak of his powers is quite a beautiful combination. This is the type of hot track that is perfect for any time of the day or night, as you just turn this up on full and see where you end up next.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The sleepless nights: Melbourne’s Echolily transforms our curious consciousness on timeless experimental wonder ‘Under The Clocks (Stay)’

While her exquisite voice swims deeper within your healing soul with true mind-bending brilliance, Echolily, somehow controls our swaying body for four minutes and ten seconds, on the fascinating story about meeting a future lover just before this torrid lockdown struck on ‘Under The Clocks (Stay)’.

Michelle Chong aka Echolily is a thought-provoking electronica downtempo artist/producer and courageous front line Doctor/Anaesthetist based in thriving Melbourne, Australia. She consummately creates that pure type of superlative music love letters, that awakens your willing senses, rising deep from within to stir your startled mind, into a new and exciting galaxy.

Her stylish trip-hop influences simmer in so warmly, with a touch of lofi and synth pop excellence, to pulsate your veins into feel alive again after the cold darkness.

You meet by the clock as the hourglass freezes for a moment as your eyes meet, your beating heart takes over and you wonder if it was all real, or if it was just your imagination running wild with adventure.

The alluring vocals gaze into your whole body, her wholesome abilities are quite electrifying at times, as you feel her sadness portioned with hope and love, to create a marvelous track that has you so lost into the fleeting moment of wonder.

Under The Clocks (Stay)’ from the genre-defying Australian spiritual soul Echolily, is that extra special song that fills you up with replenished energy, as you wonder if they are together now, or if this meeting was meant to guide them into a new direction to learn from.

This world is a hard place to find love at the moment as so many of us are too frightened to come outside to play like we did before. Through this incredibly crafted music, we can be inspired again to try and find that real person, that gets you and loves you, for who you really are.

Hear this stunning single with love on Spotify and immerse yourself into her world on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She rescued him: Cooper Chasse wants her to ‘Stay’ on emotional indie-folk gem

Cooper Chasse shows his appreciate for the shining angel that saved him when he needed her most, on the excellent new single that will have your eyes watering up slightly called ‘Stay‘.

Toronto-Canada-born, East London, UK-based solo indie-folk singer-songwriter, audio engineering student, electronic artist and producer Cooper Chasse, makes that deep kind of soundscape that washes over your body to purify it again after being hurt or disappointed. He sings with a transparent realness that helps you get over that heartbreak and move onto new experiences, that are fulfilling and make you happy again.

His voice is so soothing and real, each word sung is so meaningful as he stares into her eyes, asking her to stay so you can get to know each other even more. There is a real tender care here as she helped him and you can hear the appreciation from his voice and the melodies give you goosebumps, with possible tears emerging from this emotional story.

Stay‘ from East London-based, Canadian singer-songwriter/producer/MEDIATR electronic artist Cooper Chasse, is that romantic soul message that shows you can still find genuine hearts out there. In a selfish world, there are still kind people that want to be help and by showing them love, you are encouraging them to carry on being saints.

Showing how you feel can be a tricky game as you don’t want to give too much away too soon but you also want to show how much they mean to you. Simply asking is often the best way and if the feeling is mutual, your roads will join together on the path to connecting your mind and soul together as one.

Hear this excellent new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

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LA Americana artist Natalie Duque sings with such sadness on the new single ‘Stay’

Natalie Duque sings with such sadness about a lost family member on the new single ‘Stay‘.

Natalie infuses soulful folk melodies with a pop-infused style, her music is so sad but beautiful at the same time. Her voice is stunning, almost haunting and with such pureness that gets your heart beating so much faster. Her delivery is masterful on this story of not being able to see a loved one for the last time.

Tomorrow is not promised. This is a sad story about how you didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. The roads were cold and and it was snowing. She didn’t get a chance to say goodbye and the next day, he didn’t make it. You regret this moment so much but there is nothing you can do now but cherish the memories of his life.

Natalie Duque has that type of voice that makes you stop and listen intently. ‘Stay‘ is about the loved one that sadly passed away and the indie-pop care with this song is quite beautiful from the LA singer.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen