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The sleepless nights: Melbourne’s Echolily transforms our curious consciousness on timeless experimental wonder ‘Under The Clocks (Stay)’

While her exquisite voice swims deeper within your healing soul with true mind-bending brilliance, Echolily, somehow controls our swaying body for four minutes and ten seconds, on the fascinating story about meeting a future lover just before this torrid lockdown struck on ‘Under The Clocks (Stay)’.

Michelle Chong aka Echolily is a thought-provoking electronica downtempo artist/producer and courageous front line Doctor/Anaesthetist based in thriving Melbourne, Australia. She consummately creates that pure type of superlative music love letters, that awakens your willing senses, rising deep from within to stir your startled mind, into a new and exciting galaxy.

Her stylish trip-hop influences simmer in so warmly, with a touch of lofi and synth pop excellence, to pulsate your veins into feel alive again after the cold darkness.

You meet by the clock as the hourglass freezes for a moment as your eyes meet, your beating heart takes over and you wonder if it was all real, or if it was just your imagination running wild with adventure.

The alluring vocals gaze into your whole body, her wholesome abilities are quite electrifying at times, as you feel her sadness portioned with hope and love, to create a marvelous track that has you so lost into the fleeting moment of wonder.

Under The Clocks (Stay)’ from the genre-defying Australian spiritual soul Echolily, is that extra special song that fills you up with replenished energy, as you wonder if they are together now, or if this meeting was meant to guide them into a new direction to learn from.

This world is a hard place to find love at the moment as so many of us are too frightened to come outside to play like we did before. Through this incredibly crafted music, we can be inspired again to try and find that real person, that gets you and loves you, for who you really are.

Hear this stunning single with love on Spotify and immerse yourself into her world on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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She rescued him: Cooper Chasse wants her to ‘Stay’ on emotional indie-folk gem

Cooper Chasse shows his appreciate for the shining angel that saved him when he needed her most, on the excellent new single that will have your eyes watering up slightly called ‘Stay‘.

Toronto-Canada-born, East London, UK-based solo indie-folk singer-songwriter, audio engineering student, electronic artist and producer Cooper Chasse, makes that deep kind of soundscape that washes over your body to purify it again after being hurt or disappointed. He sings with a transparent realness that helps you get over that heartbreak and move onto new experiences, that are fulfilling and make you happy again.

His voice is so soothing and real, each word sung is so meaningful as he stares into her eyes, asking her to stay so you can get to know each other even more. There is a real tender care here as she helped him and you can hear the appreciation from his voice and the melodies give you goosebumps, with possible tears emerging from this emotional story.

Stay‘ from East London-based, Canadian singer-songwriter/producer/MEDIATR electronic artist Cooper Chasse, is that romantic soul message that shows you can still find genuine hearts out there. In a selfish world, there are still kind people that want to be help and by showing them love, you are encouraging them to carry on being saints.

Showing how you feel can be a tricky game as you don’t want to give too much away too soon but you also want to show how much they mean to you. Simply asking is often the best way and if the feeling is mutual, your roads will join together on the path to connecting your mind and soul together as one.

Hear this excellent new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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LA Americana artist Natalie Duque sings with such sadness on the new single ‘Stay’

Natalie Duque sings with such sadness about a lost family member on the new single ‘Stay‘.

Natalie infuses soulful folk melodies with a pop-infused style, her music is so sad but beautiful at the same time. Her voice is stunning, almost haunting and with such pureness that gets your heart beating so much faster. Her delivery is masterful on this story of not being able to see a loved one for the last time.

Tomorrow is not promised. This is a sad story about how you didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. The roads were cold and and it was snowing. She didn’t get a chance to say goodbye and the next day, he didn’t make it. You regret this moment so much but there is nothing you can do now but cherish the memories of his life.

Natalie Duque has that type of voice that makes you stop and listen intently. ‘Stay‘ is about the loved one that sadly passed away and the indie-pop care with this song is quite beautiful from the LA singer.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen