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US Rapper STARZSKY releases reflective ”Long Way Down”

It’s a long way down from the top of the mountain and US Rapper STARZSKY let’s it be known on new track ”Long Way Down” that he is on a mission right now to stay right at the peak. He is enjoying it up there and isn’t going to climb down for anyone.

Long Way Down” has the South’s signature all over it. From the drawl to the beat and to just how the song was created. This is a throwback song that Lil Wayne should be on, a remix would probably convince him. The beat is so swaggy, the speakers jeans are so low you might have to hold them up with an XL belt. STARZSKY rips through the bars on this one, originally with the sadly now-retired singer Nadim. Feeling cursed for a while, it feels like STARZSKY has cracked open the music combination and it fully in the zone. Expect big things from this ferocious emcee who feels like now is his moment.

Stream more from this rapper right here on his SoundCloud channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Starzsky released his new track ‘Change Places’, a hip-hop hit that aims for a new-wave atmosphere.

‘Change Places’ starts with a strong soul-blended hip-hop component for which his voice is a stupendous match for, until Starzsky unexpectedly bursts into a heartfelt rage that still generates empathy even with the harshest words.

Moving back to quieter vocals in the second part, the whole mood becomes way more RnB with sax sounds softening his rap bars and the song’s overall feel. It’s not the usual “hip-hop thang” but a song that contains traces of alternative and even new-wave sounds if explored deeper.

‘Moody starr’ is written on his Soundcloud profile and I believe it’s really worth giving a whirl to his many moods.

Head over Soundcloud to listen to ‘Change Places.’

Review by Jim Esposito.