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Joshua Showtime Williams – Nasty: Elevated Impassioned RnB Poetry for the Kink-Friendly

Joshua Showtime Williams’ latest single, Nasty, is supercharged with sensuously scintillating RnB electricity. Staying true to the rhythm and blues roots while bringing the indietronic funk around the lyricality, which establishes him as the ultimate dom, created the ultimate feat of aural erotica.

E.L. James could only have hoped to reach Williams’ level in Nasty, which finds naturally provocative ways to speak to his kink-friendly fans. If you were vanilla before hitting play, you may just question your sexual proclivities after hearing the elevated impassioned poetry in Nasty.

The St. Louis-residing singer-songwriter, dancer and musician broke into the industry in 2014 before effortlessly establishing himself as one to watch. With over 1 million views on YouTube and 5.8 million on TikTok, plenty of people are already affixed to his boldly soulful presence.

Stream Nasty on Spotify now; your libido will be as gratified as your rhythmic pulses.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Have Mercy On Me: Lisa Ramey courageously emerges from the muddy waters on Certainly Lord

Floating through genres rather angelically and with much love, Lisa Ramey shall have many hearts in a spin with the brave release inspired by the courage shown by the late women’s rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer on Certainly Lord.

Lisa Ramey is a St. Louis-born and New York-based indie singer-songwriter who captures her roots so splendidly inside stunning RnB and funk.

Fannie Lou Hamer was an American voting and women’s rights activist, community organizer, a leader in the civil rights movement and an incredibly powerful singer. Hamer’s story spoke to me and I’ll do all I can to give her words and message a second life to inspire a new generation and help keep her name spoken for generations to come. It’s what she deserves.” ~ Lisa Ramey

Absorbing our energies with a marvellous blend of incredible velocity, Lisa Ramey is absolutely thrilling inside this scintillating song which will swap many moods around. Enchanting our souls with something our body needed to heal with, we find a release to wash away all previous fears.

Certainly Lord from St. Louis-born and New York-based indie rock artist and member of Team Legend on Idols USA Lisa Ramey is unquestionably one of the more spellbinding songs ever to be heard. Sung with so much passionate gusto which shall inspire many ears, this is a rather special single that needs to be played loud.

Hear this fine single on Spotify. See more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Time Stood Still: Emanuel Harrold feels the love on the superb I Think (feat. Gregory Porter)

I Think (feat. Gregory Porter) by Emanuel Harrold

Knowing that the first impression was so vivid and beautiful for eternity, Emanuel Harrold just wants to hear that special word that shall open up so much happiness on I Think (feat. Gregory Porter).

Emanuel Harrold is a St. Louis, Missouri-based indie jazz drummer, music producer and music writer who creates those clap-loud songs you can’t help but love.

Joining forces so smoothly after touring together, Emanuel Harrold and Gregory Porter show us what that intimate romance should feel like and are rather outstanding on this modern day classic to embrace with.

Hopeful of romance to blossom again, we find a melody so sweet and lyrics so honest, to take us all into that first date scenario when everything is so fondly remembered.

I Think (feat. Gregory Porter) from St. Louis, Missouri-based indie jazz drummer Emanuel Harrold is a lovely song that will get your fingers clicking and those feet stepping rather briskly again. Filled with a peaceful wonder and so much goodness, this is a special song to rejoice with as there is just pure brilliance on offer and incredibly smooth vocals to turn up louder.

When you feel your heart doing backflips, you know that it’s real.

Listen up on Bandcamp and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

St Louis metal act Split66 slam in hard with a roaring display on, ‘Anhedonia (Here We Go Again)’

Thundering in with much intent that slices briskly through any previous doubt or undesirable indecision, Split66 is in no mood to mess around with their latest meaty single to delve deeply into on, ‘Anhedonia (Here We Go Again)‘.

Split66 is a St Louis, USA-based indie metal band with a swarming style that might sting you like a hungry bee as they buzz through with a soaring new single filled with bite and heart.

After many lineup changes and after going through an enforced hiatus after the tragic loss of their former guitarist and founding member Mike Hohman, Split66 has reformed with meaning and sounds like they going to take this powerful project into a new dimension with a super single that certainly will wake you up.

Anhedonia (Here We Go Again)‘ from St Louis, USA-based indie metal act Split66 is a hardcore experience that is definitely not for anyone too young. The walls creak intensely here as this story about feeling like you are going under buries through the sand, to leave you wondering if everything is going to snap you in half like broken plastic.

With piercing vocals and a hefty metal effect for all fans of this genre to enjoy, this is a smashing track that might shatter fragile windows into smithereens.

Listen up to this heavy song on Soundcloud and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

St. Louis-based artist and producer Nikol Star shares her ultimate ‘Payback’

Directing us into her tired heart that has had enough as these impulsive emotions have taken over to remedy revenge, Nikol Star shows us what happens when you mess with an honest heart who just wanted to feel that love and affection she deserved on ‘Payback‘.

St. Louis, Missouri-based indie Country, Rock and Hip hop artist and music producer Nikol Star has that inner sense that she is ahead of her time as her music transcends genres.

I literally create for you guys. The feedback I get and the support I get from my fans is love. I just want people to know that anything is possible”. ~ Nikol

There is much to sink your teeth into on a single which is like nothing else being made at the moment – as Nikol manages to morph so many genres into one – as you might be sweating from all the speaker-shaking goodness dripping all over your intrigued body.

With an honest edge that shows us her annoyance at being left in the cold when she showed her cards, Nikol Star manages to create a riveting cinematic story about a scorned woman who loved so intently and got shown a distance she didn’t appreciate on her latest single ‘Payback‘.

Hear this intricate sound transcend your previous perspective on what is actually possible via Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Starting Fights: TRNR wonders when they will listen and really ‘Change’ (feat. Miriam and the Tipsy Pandas)

As they struggle to keep the peace in a complex web of love that has been damaged by mental wars, TRNR shows us into a story about when two people need to step back for a moment and see through a new viewpoint on ‘Change(feat. Miriam and the Tipsy Pandas).

TRNR is a St. Louis, Missouri indie-pop solo artist and taco-lover who sings with a flamboyant innocence that has you gazing through your window.

”“Change” is the title of my new single about the fights in a relationship. It can be hard to see eye to eye at times but you can always work through things with a little bit of change.” ~ TRNR

With his smoothly-lipped vocals, bright blue hair, and honest nature that has you admiring his unassuming style, TRNR sings with a vigorous passion that helps us understand what it really takes to succeed in love in this rather odd world.

Change(feat. Miriam and the Tipsy Pandas) from St. Louis, Missouri indie-pop musician TRNR, is an honest track that will have many of us nodding at the picture presented. Sometimes two people love each other so much but forget to think about the other perspective that you have forgotten about. This is the call to grab that hand tight and sort out any silly differences, which are holding you both back from gaining that all-important special bond that moulds you together forever.

Listen up on Spotify and check out his moves via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lost Yourself: St. Louis rock band Beau Diamond knows that they aren’t the same on ‘Masquerade’

Slicing through their set like an expert butcher who cuts the fat away just right, Beau Diamond show us that they are ready to leave the bad vibes behind on the knife to be thrown away with their powerfully-struck new single ‘Masquerade‘.

Beau Diamond is an extremely energetic 4-piece St. Louis, Missouri-based indie garage-rock band who forge through the darkness with a forcibly commanding style.

Combining elements of garage rock with crunchy guitar leads and raw vocals, they began writing music with life-long friend and drummer CJ Wagner and guitarist Ryan Peeler in 2012 out of St. Louis. Now with a lineup that consists of bassist Mark Mcdaniel and guitarist James Carroll, they continue to work on new material.” ~ Beau Diamond

After keeping that youthful side lubricated at all costs with ‘21 or Bust‘ from July 2021, we find a band that sounds more measured on this electric performance that certainly has your heart completely enthralled by the story here.

Masquerade‘ from St. Louis, Missouri-based indie garage-rock band Beau Diamond, is a  rip-roaring effort that is all about figuring out that someone who you once thought highly of, is actually wearing two masks. With an I’m-not-putting-up-with-this mentality, we are thrown into a whirlwind of a track – that will definitely have you jumping around – as you brush off anyone in your life who is fake as a plastic cup.

Hear this riveting new single on Spotify and see more news on their Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Something Tells Me You Don’t Want To Settle: Timmes brings us the ultimate love me not single with ‘Plastic Petals’

Encouraged by top calibre artists such as Joji, Frank Ocean, and Billie Eilish, Timmes shows the world his growing powers with the exceptional new single all about wondering if this is the end of a once flourishing courtship on ‘Plastic Petals‘.

Timmes is a 22-years old alternative RnB/trip-hop artist who is based in St Louis, Missouri. He makes the type of music that really takes your consciousness to a whole new level, as his comforting voice takes you away from those dull normal days.

Just finding my sound.” ~ Timmes

Timmes is quite scintillating throughout on ‘Plastic Petals‘ as this memoir about trying to make things work takes you into a rainy road, where the goodbye-forever is just around the corner if you both want it to be. With a perfectly projected production and lyrics that grab you so close, this is a premium effort made with a tearful ambience.

Plastic Petals‘ from the soulful St Louis, Missouri-based alt-RnB/trip-hop solo artist Timmes, is that sad kind of song that has you reminiscing about that time you knew things were over in a past relationship. Sung with a superb vocal output that shakes the hairs on your arms awake, this is a special single made with so much honest introspection that is quite dazzling at times.

Hear this new single on YouTube and see more via the Twitter music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cheap Thrills: Fun-filled Missouri garage rock band Beau Diamond stay young forever on ’21 or Bust’

With a stay-lubricated-at-all-costs mindset which makes them the coolest cats in the local bar, Beau Diamond know that life is a crazy game as they make sure to stay on the royal flush hand all night with the beer-chugging new single called ‘21 or Bust‘.

Beau Diamond is a party-stacked St. Louis, Missouri-based indie garage-rock four-piece band. They form a line outside the club with a catchy blend of ear-warming tunes, to keep the mood alight with a vibe which keeps you smiling until last rounds.

With a gritty vocal edge and a fantastically exciting barrage of speaker-shaking ambiance to keep the sweaty bodies shaking to the groove, this is a truly youthful performance which has you glowingly remembering those awesome nights out way past your bedtime.

This is the relevant story about being out and about on the town when the sun sets – as going home seems to only age and make you turn dull- when there is so much fun to be had and people to meet, at the pulsating party where memories are there to be made.

21 or Bust‘ from the fun St. Louis, Missouri garage-rock act Beau Diamond, shows us a lifestyle which keeps you alive and away from getting too down about paying those pesky bills. On a catchy riff-fueled, shooter-soaked bundle of joy for the throbbing kidneys, this is a stay young or go home track which so many of us can knowingly relate to.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Faded Love: Greg Dallas wants to be left alone to wonder the earth again on ‘Fallen’

After trying to make it work, time was not kind and the romantic feelings have completely vanished for Greg Dallas on his stunning new break-up-ridden new single taken off the debut six-track EP called ‘The Storm‘, which is the heartbreaking story of ‘Fallen‘.

Brooklyn, New York/St. Louis-based multi-instrumentalist musician and painter Greg Dallas, has brought in the terrific talents of Catey Esler on vocals and Aaron Lawson on drums, to give us a real gem that will have tears in your eyes forming softly.

This is the message in the bottle that one half didn’t want to hear but now has to face, the ship has sunk and its time to move onto new waters. You feel the intricately story deep in your bones, your mind wonders to a time when you felt the same or had someone tell you that it was indeed over for good.

Her vocals are so beautifully crafted and a caring wave washes over your mind, as you listen intently to the rest of the pure sound that is world class and skillfully created, with so many touching layers intertwined within.

Fallen‘ from Brooklyn’s superbly crisp talent of Greg Dallas, leads us into a room which was once so full of love and life. The mood changed and now its all over — as you move on swiftly — due to the fading love that broke apart and now is lost forever.

Stream this top new song on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen