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Hiding Inside: Berlin’s Close to Monday tells us the story of the ‘Blue-Eyed Boy’

After uncovering that much-needed exit from their thrilling last single named ‘Split‘, Close to Monday return with an honest story about that mysterious ‘Blue-Eyed Boy‘.

Close to Monday is a Berlin, Germany-based synthpop duo who performs with a dance edge that gets you off your feet and onto that sweaty party floor again.

2021 was a very productive and bright year for “Close to Monday”. Their album “Interference” almost immediately entered the TOP10 of the German Alternative Charts and was there for 8 weeks in a row.” ~ Close to Monday

On a dazzling soundscape that seems to have you automatically locked into their visually advanced track, Close to Monday show us why they have been so successful this year with another ear-popping delight. There is much to delve into here, with a vocalist who only seems to become more self-enlightened lyrically after each release.

Blue-Eyed Boy‘ from the exhilarating Berlin, Germany-based synthpop/electronic duo Close to Monday, is the final release from 2021 by this fast-rising outfit. They perform with such an exuberant ambience that comprises a bass-dropping beat refilled with enthralling melodies, that includes a dazzling singer who shines so brightly. This is an attention-catching single filled with the story, of that boy who went out on stage and no matter if he spoke the truth or not, the crowd didn’t really seem to care.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Like A Ghost: Close to Monday looks for the much-needed exit on the spectacular ‘Split’

After the extensive success of their latest electrifying album called ‘Interference‘, Close to Monday return to hypnotise our entire consciousness with the thoroughly excellent ‘Split‘.

Close to Monday is a sensational Berlin, Germany-based synthpop duo that encompasses our invigorated ears with rasping electronica that is beyond what our brittle minds can perceive.

Everyone will feel this song in their own way. someone will find it very strange. someone will see in it a reflection
of the crazy running of the modern world. and someone will be able to turn to himself, see something important
and become a little happier.” ~ Close To Monday

Close to Monday shows us what all the hype is about yet again with a truly scintillating single of the highest order, that might send shivers down your naked spine. The eloquently-projected story of looking for that sneaky escape exit rings true when one just needs to be free and explore the world to find for yourself who you really want to be.

Split‘ from the impressive European synthpop/electronic duo Close to Monday, is one of the more delightfully ear-warming singles around right now. With lusciously mysterious vocals and steaming production that seem to smoke out your heat-filled speakers, you can’t help but admire this fantastic track. With a true story about getting out of the maze of life that can mystify even the smartest out there, this is a release that is best with the volume on real loud.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Flying Free To Your Dreams: Sensational Sydney singer Damian sings away all doubts with superb ‘Whispers In My Mind’

Taken off his brand new four-track EP ‘Split‘, Damian returns with ‘Whispers In My Mind‘, which is a stunning daydream that has you flying so high above and doing what you know is best to make you truly happy.

Damian Timothy Hempstead aka Damian, is an emerging Australian indie pop singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, well-known actor and model. He makes that fresh feel kind of music that is so likable and brushes your mind with a caring paintbrush, which has you in absolute awe of his pureness.

This is the message of embracing who you are, closing the door to any negative wrapping paper that is suffocating your dreams from the past, as you break away from the clutter and do what you need to do. His voice seems to uplift you, gives you strength and brings you to a better mentality overall.

Whispers In My Mind‘ from the exciting Sydney, Australia indie singer Damian, is a terrific track that has him on form and letting go of any doubts, he sings with such effortless energy that showcases his incredible vocal ability and compassionate nature.

If you have ever had haunting voices inside your head that have held you back — this is the ideal track to filter out the polluted noise — so you can fly with your wings opened up all the way.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen