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Intuitively spiritual rhythm meets sensual folk in DORA GOLA’s latest single, Dance with Danger

If any track is going to tempt the weary and wary out of their comfort zones after sanity diminishing lockdowns, it is the artfully fierce electronic folk-pop earworm, Dance with Danger, from the spiritually magnetic singer-songwriter, DORA GOLA.

With the intuitiveness of the rhythm, you scarcely need her bio to tell you that she’s a dancer. Her connection to music is enviably strong, but at least she’s had the grace to share her natural gift with the world through emboldening hits that tease your rhythmic pulses as much as they stir the soul.

Following the release of Dance with Danger, the Poland-born, West Ireland-based artist will continue to make her discography a rediscovery of ancestral roots, mystery and sensuality. We can’t wait to hear what follows. She shines luminously bright in a sea of ego-driven artists.

Dance with Danger will hit the airwaves on June 17th. Stream it here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Find your spiritual side with Alchemy 3’s multiculturally ambient indie electronica single, Trust in the Process.

Alchemy 3

Sam Harris may have spun heads when he declared that no one has free will, but the spiritual alt indietronica outfit, Alchemy 3, is here to screw them firmly back on again with their stellar slice of multicultural ambient electronica, Trust in the Process.

2021 has shown us that everything and everyone is connected and every action has an equal and opposite reaction, but even the impious in denial of a higher power can find comfort in this psychedelically wrapped hit by the London-based trio whose sonic influence spans across decades, and their lyrical inspiration goes back even further. The poetically meta lyrics flow through the ethereally commanding vocals and resonate like mantras around the tonal bliss spilling from the instrumentals. It’s a stunning release from a collective with equally as stunning artistic motives. We can’t wait to hear what will be next from Alchemy 3.

Trust in the Process will be available to stream from December 4th; you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Know Where You Belong: Lace de Bridge looks deeper inside to find the truth on ‘Lost Boy’

Blending through important stories about identity, belonging and spiritual reality, Lace de Bridge effortlessly reminds us that you need to keep your inner essence to truly be free inside your valuable soul on ‘Lost Boy‘.

Lace de Bridge is a conciously connected Melbourne, Australia-based indie Electronic/Alt-Pop artist who was Roman-raised.

Lost Boy is a song about identity, personal strength and spiritual awakening. The song is a reminder to live our own truth, whatever that may be. The only way to go forward is to embrace who we really are. Go inward, look deep inside and embrace your true nature. There you will find all the power and answers you have been looking for.” ~ Lace de Bridge

Lost Boy‘ from Melbourne, Australia-based indie Electronic/Alt-Pop solo musician Lace de Bridge, is a wake-up call to us all on Earth. With so many distractions and temptations at every corner lurking, this is the heart healing message we all needed. Taking control of your soul is the only way to be really happy – as this well-shot music video shows us – with flourishing vocals and an important calling to redeem ourselves.

Sometimes you need to just keep that key close by, before someone snatches all that keeps you free.

Check out this new music video on YouTube and see more news via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jason Potter paved the way to a spiritual journey with his sophomore album, ‘The Marriage of Celestial Things’.

The Marriage of Celestial Things by Jason Potter

Experimentally spiritual London-based artist Jason Potter has followed on from his 2020 debut album with the release of ‘The Marriage of Celestial Things’. With Gregorian chants meeting gothic inclination, the dark sermonic soundscapes may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Yet, anyone with the proclivity to delve into an exploration of the duality between damnation and salvation will want to bear witness to the subversive eight-track album.

The opening single, Creation, acts as a guide into the light within the arcane orchestral album; but it isn’t long before the haunting and evocatively striking tones pierce through the ambience in the neo-classic soundscape. With ominous spoken-word offerings, The Marriage of Celestial Things purposely disturbs as a method of awakening.

When fully immersed in the album, you can practically feel your tunnel vision widening as you’re drawn away from superficiality and forced to reconcile with the vastness of the universe and yourself.

While some artists fall out of the mainstream to make a point, perceptibly, Potter’s authenticity was something that he didn’t have to orchestrate.

The Marriage of Celestial Things is available to stream and download on Bandcamp from May 14th, 2021.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


With IVPLLAY DHE GUARDIAAN’s latest single, ‘SHANG TSUNG’, spiritually and sensuality come rhythmically entwined. It’s practically a tantric experience in itself.

The slow, seductive, reverb-drenched notes, produced by IVPLLAY & 2TIMEZ, flow beneath the RnB-style vocals that croon through lyrics that are carnal enough to make Marvin Gaye sound asexual. Yet, the amount of soul in this release parallels the salacity, making SHANG TSUNG a refreshing antithesis to the hypersexual objectification which makes up a significant chunk of hip hop lyrics.

SHANG TSUNG is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Olivia Frances – The Bee and the Rose: Spiritually Resolving Indie Folk Pop

Plenty of Nashville-based Folk Pop singer-songwriter Olivia Frances’ releases have deservedly gone viral. If you’re yet to experience her spiritually resolving sound, her 2019 single The Bee & the Rose the perfect introduction.

As soon as you hit play on the seminal single, you’re hit with arcane and almost tribal tones before Olivia Frances starts to sweeten the soundscape with her harmonically arrestive vocals. As the single progresses, the Indie Folk Pop instrumental arrangement becomes more eclectic and its hold on you gets tighter.

It’s not every day you hear such angular guitar riffs in Indie Folk Pop or an artist who has such a magnetically soulful vocal command.

You can check out The Bee & the Rose for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast